Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess Who Knocked on My Door?

Warning: Book promotion ahead. 
But it's going to be fun.
Just take a peek.

A knock came at my door.
When I answered, I was shocked.
Look who I found.

River Whispers!
She came dragging campfire wood
and packing a six-shooter.
I was so excited to see her.

She said she brought campfire wood
because at her launch parties she wants
to serve Dutch oven dessert to those
who come to welcome her.

I thought that was a great idea!
(For more details about her launch parties,
take a look at the right sidebar,
way up there at the top. 
It gives time, place and details.)

I asked River Whispers to please come in
and offered her the best chair in the house.

She very thoughtfully took off her hat,
but I couldn't talk her into giving me her gun.
She was extremely nervous and
said her life was shadowed with mystery.
After the places she'd been
and the things she'd seen
she was keeping her gun with her.

Thinking that if she saw how safe
she was here she'd relax,
I offered to take her for a ride.

I talked her into leaving her cowboy hat home.
She put on a pair of turquoise earrings,
and we were off.

I noticed she still seemed very jittery
and would jump at the least little noise.
I'm very hopeful after she's been 
here for a while she'll relax.

Okay . . . that was too much fun! But I had to share the joy with you. River Whispers is here and should start to appear in stores any day!!!

Don't forget the First Sightings Contest. If you see River Whispers in the store, please take a picture of you holding the book and send it to me. :) I'd like to do a blog roll with your smiling faces. ;)

I have some great prizes for those who enter. While they last you can choose from some very cool keys chains or some awesome pierced earrings.

So that book promotion wasn't too bad, was it? 

From the cover and by what River Whispers was wearing, where do you think this book is set?   


  1. Congratulations!!! The cover is wonderful!

  2. What a clever idea, Kathi! Congratulations to you! Will let you know if I spot it soon. :)

  3. Your post was indeed fun to read. Since I'm outside the US, I don't have a clue where it is set, but I'll take a stab in the dark. Maybe Montana?

  4. J.L.,
    You're very close with your guess. Thanks for giving it a try. I'll let every one know where it's set on Wednesday.

  5. Very cool. Love the cover! And the hat and earrings :)

  6. Your book promos are fun. I'm going to make mine fun too, and I'll have you to thank for the example (when the day arrives...sometime in the distant future).

  7. Michelle,
    I'm glad you enjoy them. And please share your joy when you're promoting a book. :)



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