Monday, May 9, 2011

Connections at a Conference

Writing conferences are a great way to make connections with others who share your joy of writing. And if you're very lucky you'll make friends that you will keep a lifetime. This year's LDStorymakers Conference was wonderful. I made new friends and was able to touch base with friends I hadn't seen for a while. We all share a common interest . . . writing. 

For those just starting out in this crazy world of writing stories, writing conferences offer many opportunities: a chance to learn more about your craft, a place to meet agents and editors, and a place to network.

A chance to learn about your craft . . .
All of the classes taught are by authors or professionals who know a great deal about writing. There are classes for those just starting out and need the basics of how to put a story together, classes on blogging and finding your way around the social network, and classes for authors who want to stay up-to-date on the changing world of publishing.

A place to meet agents and editors . . .
During the conference many were able to schedule one-on-one meetings with agents and editors to pitch their books. What a golden opportunity for a writer who is trying to get a foot in the publishing door. Many writers have been able to sell their books because of such meetings. And even if you weren't able to meet with an agent or editor, there's always a chance of running into them in the hallway, or catching a class they are teaching and glean from their knowledge.

A place to network . . .
Of course you already do a ton of networking every day on your blog, Facebook and Tweeter, but how awesome it is to actually meet a blogging friend in person! And not only that, but a writer can make contacts with people who sit by them in a class, or at lunch, or in the lobby. You never know where those contacts will take you. I was thrilled to have met so many of the friends that I've made by blogging. And I'm very grateful to those who weren't shy and came up to me to talk. AWESOME!

I think making connections at a writing conference helps a writer in so many ways. How about you? Do you enjoy going to writing conferences? Do you feel as though they are worth the time and effort?

Here's a few pictures of new and old friends I was able to meet.

Me and Ashley

Angela, Annette, and me

Frank Cole
Greg Luke
Liz Adair and L.C. Lewis (Laurie)
 Able Keogh and Traci Hunter Abramson
Monique and me.
I have a lot more pictures. I'll save them for a later post.
If you have the chance, go to a writing conference. You'll learn a lot and make some wonderful friends.


  1. Kathi,
    Storymakers was great. One of the best ways, I found, to meet new people at the conf. was to change tables each time we ate. I met new people each time and had a great time hearing about their projects and feeling encouraged by their happy outlooks.

  2. I am going to try and go to a conference in the UK next year. I will tie it in when I fly to visit family.

    They sound great fun.

  3. Christina,
    What a great idea to change tables every time! That's a super way to network and make new friends. The highlight of the conference for me was meeting people like you!

  4. Glynis,
    What fun to go to a conference in the UK!!! And whenever you can combine a visit with family to attending a conference that's a win-win.

  5. It really was a fun time!! Glad I got to see you!

  6. Ashley,
    It was a good time! I'm so glad I got to see you again. Keep in touch and let me know what's going on with your book.

  7. Thanks for sharing; I do hope to go to one someday! Nice pics and lots of info~



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