Monday, May 30, 2011

And the Winner Is....

The winner of
River Whispers
Blog Tour Roundup
Cindy M. Hogan!!!

Thanks to one and all
who took the time to 
come on the roundup with me.

For all who participated
here's a virtual 
chocolate dipped

All during last week
the theme song to
The Magnificent Seven kept
playing over and over in my mind.

That ever happen to you?

In case you've never heard it
check it out! 

Okay, I know you didn't listen to the entire thing, but those opening stanzas can bring to mind images of Texas Rangers and the old west. Love it!

Come back Wednesday to see two new First Sightings.

However, for the most part this week I'm working on revamping my blog. Thought I'd tear down a wall or two, put up some new do-dahs.

I'm hopeful to have it all done so that next week I can start fresh with a new blogging schedule, new themes for posts, and possibly some giveaways. 

Can't wait for you to see what I'm working on!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

River Whispers Blog Tour Roundup - Friday

Thursday's winner of the giveaway is
Jo Schaffer!!!

If you want to qualify for the $50.
Amazon gift card, check out the 
right sidebar for instructions.

Today is the end of the roundup.

We've been in a rain storm.

Chased by a bear.

And caught in a stampede.

I think you've earned some R & R. 
Click over to 
The Writings and Rantings of Frank L. Cole 
and see what he has to say about River Whispers.
(Again, please leave a comment here and there.)

This has been a fun week!

I think this weekend I'll plant myself
in front of the DVD and watch
some of my favorite Westerns.

If you could meet your cowboy hero,
who would it be?

Check back Monday to find out who won the grand prize.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

River Whispers Blog Tour Roundup - Thursday

The winner of Wednesday's giveaway is
Christina Dymock!!!

Only two more days.
If you've just stumbled on the roundup
you can catch up for the grand prize.
Check out the stops in the right sidebar and
leave your comments.

So, how did we end up riding drag? 
(Drag in this case means behind the cattle, not, you know.)

Not only are we eating dust, 
but there's also a chance of 
running into a bear.

Speak of the devil. 
Quick click over to
while I distract him. 
(Don't forget to leave a comment here and there.)

Now come join us by the campfire.

And listen to The Last Cowboy Song.

This clip reminds me of my father.
That's him in the picture below.
While he was growing up he spent
his summers herding cattle in 
Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I guess that's why I set River Whispers
in the West.
It's in my blood.

Do you have cowboys in your family?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

River Whispers Blog Tour Roundup - Wednesday

Tuesdays' giveaway winner is
Cindy M. Hogan!!!

Three more giveaway days.
Check out the prizes and instructions
in the right sidebar.

A storm is brewing . . .

Hang on!
We're going to have a stampede.

Stay in the saddle and turn the herd towards the watering hole.

Much better. I thought we'd lost you.
While you're catching your breath go over to
Jill Kemerer's blog and see what she has to say about
River Whispers.
(Don't forget to leave a comment here and there.)

Thinking about stampedes and 
cattle drives of the old west,
I thought of another classic western 
that has a lot to do with cattle drives.

John Wayne was one of my favorite cowboys.
How about you? 
Which cowpoke of the movies
symbolizes the West?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

River Whispers Blog Tour Roundup - Tuesday

The winner of yesterday's giveaway is 
Patty Ann!!!

Please join the fun. 
There's a giveaway every day 
this week. Check out the rules for
River Whispers' Blog Tour Roundup 
on my right sidebar.

Today we're putting saddles on our horses. . .

and moving the cattle . . .

up to higher grazing for the summer.

I don't know about you, but I always like to think things over before I just jump in, so why don't you catch your breath and hop over to Why Not, Because I Said So.
Don't forget to leave a comment. :)

Okay, time to saddle up and get these doggies rollin'.

If you haven't seen 
Clint Eastwood in Rawhide 
you really need to.
Yesterday, I asked what was 
your favorite Western movie. 
Now, I'd like to know, what 
was your favorite TV Western? 
Have you been on a cattle drive?
I'd love to hear about it. 
I went on one and 
cherish the memory to this day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

River Whispers Blog Tour Round Up - Monday.


Are you ready to go on River Whispers
blog tour roundup?
I'm giving away some fun prizes. 
All you have to do is 
become a follower of my blog,
leave a comment here,
and a comment on the review/interview blog,
you could win
(Necklace with matching pierced earrings, a "Welcome to Our Ranch" plague and a cute little notepad.)
Okay now! 
Let's get ready for the virtual roundup.
Here's your hat.

A pair of riding chaps.

And some stylin' boots.

You're going to need a  horse.

Let's see if I can't find one 
that isn't going to roll over on you and buck.

While I'm looking, hop over to Of Writerly Things blog
and read the review for 
River Whispers.
(Don't forget to leave a comment.)

This is the horse I have for you.

Let's get in the mood for this adventure. 
Sit back and enjoy 
the wonderful scenery 
and theme song to  
The Big Country
one of my favorite Westerns.

What's your favorite Western movie?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Idaho Launch for River Whispers

What a wonderful time!

A big THANK YOU to Brian 
and his staff at the 
Deseret Book Store in Ammon
for hosting the event. 
I'm all sorts of upset that
I didn't get a picture of them
to share with you. 
So in your mind think of 
very attractive people 
who would do anything to help 
and that's what they look like. :)

My sis, Mustang Jo, was with me once again.

Here's Tiffany, Cody, Mark, and Michelle, with us. 
In the back row hiding is Bill, my brother, and his wife, LaRae.

Hey, Debbie I finally have a picture of you with us!

Cindy has come to all of my Idaho book launches.

Stan, Carol and Travis. 
Carol has gone on several fishing and rodeo adventures with Jo and me.

With Jo is Joyce. They're watching a  video.
Sneaking behind Joyce is Julie.

Bill, Stan, and Julie. See the fishing pole. 
Obviously they're talking about the one that got away.

Colby, KayLyn, Conner, Tiffany and Travis.
Thanks for lunch, Travis!!!

A candid shot.

Many others came who slipped away without getting their picture taken. There should be a picture of Tonya who stayed the entire time, helped with the dessert, and even made a trip to the grocery store for some wipes. See the display behind me, she's sitting in a chair behind the display. My brother, Steve, was there also, but was called away on Church business.

A huge thank you goes to my sister, Jo. 
Sis, what a great time!!! 
We have to go fishing this summer.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Tour Roundup

Bust out the chaps. 
Dust off the saddle. 
We're going to have a blog tour roundup.

Starting Monday May 23rd 
through to the 27th 
this blog is going on a cattle drive.

We'll search for watering holes, 
avoid stampedes, 
and sing around the campfire 
while we learn more about my new novel, 
River Whispers

While you read reviews and interviews
from other blog sites,
I want you to have fun
and go away with a smile on your face 
and even a possible prize.

Each day there will be a drawing. 
Check out the right sidebar 
to find what prizes will be given away
on each day. 

The grand prize winner of a $50 dollar 
Amazon gift card will be announced
on May 30th, 
read the instructions,
put on your spurs and Stetsons,
and get ready for a rip-roaring, good time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Second First Sighting

We have a second winner in the First Sightings Contest.

Tina Marshall found River Whispers in a store and took a picture.

She's claiming a set of cute little bear earrings for her prize.

I have three key chains left and three pairs of earrings. 

Check out my left sidebar about the First Sightings Contest and come join the fun!

The Bond Between Reader and Protagonist

Think about the people you would jump at the chance to be with. You know, the ones you would move your schedule around to help. Why would you do that? What makes you want to go out of your way to be with them?

Chances are they have traits you admire, and they make you want to be a better person. They have magnetism.

The main character in your book should have magnetism to draw readers into your story. Your protagonist should make readers want to readjust schedules and stay up late at night to find out what happens. 

Your main character needs to bond with your readers so they will read to the end of the book and feel satisfied.

Does that mean your MC has to be nice and likable? It helps, but a skilled writer can make readers care about even a very flawed protagonist if that character stirs within the readers empathy and emotion that makes them care what happens. 

The most successful novels are able to make readers bond with the main character within the first five pages of the book. 

Look at your novel. Does your protagonist bond with readers? If not, how can you show his/hers strengths and flaws in ways to make readers care?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A First Sighting!!!

This is way cool, 
totally awesome, 
super fantastic, 
and just plain nice!

Shelby Smith sent me this picture 
of her with River Whispers in the store. 

She is the very first person to do so.

I have seven prizes for those who still want to enter the First Sightings Contest. The details are over there on the left sidebar.

I'd really like to send a prize to you, 
so hurry and email me a picture.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review - Guardians of the Tebah Stick by Frank Cole

The first line in the book . . .
Two flashlight beams cut through the darkness of the museum, leaving me no choice but to drop down below the stone sarcophagus.

After reading that line, who wouldn't want to read more of this book? I love a good mystery especially one that has plenty of twists and turns and keeps me guessing. That's exactly what Frank Cole's new novel, Guardians of the Tebah Stick does. This is a story full of fun and adventure. It's about four teens who go above and beyond the call of duty to help a teacher they love.

The "Scooby-gang" for this who-done-it are: Amber, Trendon, Joseph, and Lisa. But the main character is Amber Rawson. What I liked about her was she's just a normal teen who suddenly finds herself in a situation where she can help someone. Does she have the courage and determination to see this through even though she's scared out of her wits, dodging bad guys, and dragging a the reluctant Trendon around with her? Amber can't ignore the feeling that she can make a difference and find her teacher. Amber is a hero who rises to the challenge. Be forewarned--someone in the gang turns out to be a traitor.  (Nope, I'm not going to tell you who. You need to read the book.)

Here's the back cover blurb:
When Amber's favorite teacher, Dorothy Holcomb, goes missing it's up to Amber and her archaeology classmates to rescue their teacher and recover the ancient artifact Dorothy's trying to protect. But with codes to crack, clues to follow, and more danger at every turn, this mission may be more than four teenagers can handle--not to mention the fact that they're being chased by an evil organization that will stop at nothing to claim the Tebah stick for itself. 

Guardians of the Tebah Stick is a fun read that teens will enjoy. I know I did.

(I was given a copy of this book, but I reviewed it because I liked it.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

River Whispers Utah Launch Party

Here I go again talking about River Whispers. But it just came out, and I have to share my happy news.

Saturday was the Utah launch party. Because the book is set in the West and has modern-day cowboys in it, I invited my sister, Jo, to come help me host the party. She grew up in the saddle and has loved horses all her life.

This post is a big THANK YOU to her and and all those who stopped by to support me.

As you can see from a few of the pictures taken, we had great time.

This is my daughter, Tricia, getting the 
Dutch oven dessert ready.

This is Kris, my other daughter
and my grandson, Will, riding on the sawhorse.

Me and my sis, Mustang Jo.

The Parks.

Nikki and Maureen 
(One of Nikki's daughters in the foreground)

Kathleen, Nikki, Dorothy, and Elizabeth

Tricia with Aunt Carol and Denny


Shon and Jan

There were others, but my cameraman (Hubby) missed some because he was helping with other things, so he says. But I think he was too busy having a good time. ;)

Thank you, Deseret Book and your amazing staff for hosting the party! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

River Whispers Book Trailer

Blog Tour Roundup

Monday Of Writerly Things

Tuesday Why Not? Because I Said So!

Wednesday Jill Kemerer

Thursday Author Elizabeth Mueller

Friday The Writings and Rantings of Frank L. Cole

Interviews about River Whispers

Rise Above Your Limits

This World Will Turn Your Way

Glynis Smy

 Media Review: Jennie Hansen
Book Giveaways Review: Shauna

River Whispers' Launch Party!!!

Warning: blatant book promo ahead,
but it had to be done.

River Whispers'
Utah launch party is THIS Saturday.

I can hardly wait. 
I'm doing something different at this launch.
Mustang Jo is coming all the
way from Idaho to be with me.

Who is Mustang Jo?
She's a legendary cattle whisperer.
She has helped teach cattle ranchers 
from Canada to Arizona
how to do low-stress herding.
 So . . . why am I having her come to
River Whispers' launch?

The book is set in the West and takes
place in a small community of ranchers.
Plus, I turned to Mustang Jo for research.
she's my sister!

Yes! It's true. 

During one of our fishing trips, I 
came up with the idea for the book.

Come join in the fun!!!

Saturday May 14th

At the Deseret Book in Fort Union

From 11:00 to 1:00 p.m.

We're serving a "mock" dutch oven dessert.


We couldn't exactly have a campfire in
the book store, so we're doing the next
best thing. But I have to tell you
it's going to be "Lion House Pantry" good!!!


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