Wednesday, May 11, 2011

River Whispers Book Trailer

Blog Tour Roundup

Monday Of Writerly Things

Tuesday Why Not? Because I Said So!

Wednesday Jill Kemerer

Thursday Author Elizabeth Mueller

Friday The Writings and Rantings of Frank L. Cole

Interviews about River Whispers

Rise Above Your Limits

This World Will Turn Your Way

Glynis Smy

 Media Review: Jennie Hansen
Book Giveaways Review: Shauna


  1. A nice trailer. I like the guitar music.

    I hope your launch party was a success :)


  2. Thanks, Donna!
    The launch party was a lot of fun. We had cowboys and cowgirls there, plenty of "mock" Dutch oven dessert, and some wonderful friends who stopped by.

    Glad you liked my trailer. The funny thing is, I postdated the trailer with an April date so I could connect it to RW's picture. I guess when Blogger went wonky this week it decided to bring it forward. :)

    Thanks for dropping by.



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