Monday, April 18, 2011

Help Wanted!!!

Last Monday I told you I'd explain more about Whisperers, the First Sightings Contest, blog tour, and launch parties involved with the release of my new book, River Whispers

Next week will kick off the First Sightings Contest! I'm so excited for that. More details are coming, so please check back Monday April 25th.

Also more information will be coming about the blog tour and the launch parties. I'm waiting for confirmations to shore up, but the blog tour and the launch parties are going to be different from what I've done in the past.

Now about Whisperers . . . 
I'm embarrassed to say this, but I need help.

As many of you know my new romantic suspense novel, River Whispers, will be released in just two weeks!!!

I am so hyped! But I have a problem. I'm afraid some people might be confused and think that this novel is another young adult, time travel. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE WRITING YA TIME TRAVEL. But I also love to write romantic suspense. 

I've been worried about how I could get the word out, so when I came across an article regarding "street teams" I was very intrigued. Street teams are fans who help their fave authors by handing out bookmarks, interviewing the author on their blogs, and/or posting positive reviews. Some street teamers may have ties to book stores (that carry the author's books) and will give them extra bookmarks, or they may have their book club read the novel, or they may take extra bookmarks to libraries (some libraries have an area for fliers). 

What's in it for the street teamers? They are part of the author's team and get extra perks: a little gift, special contests just for them, and closer access to the author.

Author's usually pick a name for their street teams. I've chosen "Whisperers."

This is what I'd like my Whisperers to do:
  • take my bookmarks to a store (that carries LDS books) and ask if you can pretty please (always be polite) leave the bookmarks for their customers.
  • have your book club read River Whispers
  • interview me on your blog
  • take extra bookmarks to a library and ask if you can leave them for their patrons.
Do you have to do ALL of those things? No. Just one (but you can do more than one if you want to). 

If you want to be a Whisperer and help me spread the word about my new romantic suspense, please contact me at kathiorampeterson(at)yahoo(dot)com.



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