Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Contest Angel and a Writing Tip

See this cute, cute, cute angel ornament. It's a Willow Tree figurine. I found her yesterday. Her name is "Angel of Hope." When I saw her in the store I knew she was the perfect angel for my contest.

What contest?

Look over there on my sidebar, under my Christmas book, An Angel on Main Street. All the information for the contest is there. Follow the rules I've listed and this little angel ornament might be winging her way to your house.  

I had to be so careful with her as I took her out of the box to take her picture. Here's another photo of her on my dining room table. 

I'd love for her to become part of your Christmas celebration. So quick, become a follower of my blog and post An Angel on Main Street button in your sidebar. And make sure to let me know so I can add your name in the drawing.

Okay, now for my Wednesday writing tip.

During the holiday season our family watches a ton of Christmas movies. All the classics such as White Christmas, The Bishop's Wife, It's a Wonderful Life and so on. Why are those movies so memorable? I think it's because of terrific dialogue. Let's look at a few lines from the movies I've mentioned.

From White Christmas remember the line: "Sargent, take the shortcut." And you know full well that the short cut will not be short.

From The Bishop's Wife how about this line: "I've never before had to fight an angel." Does the bishop fight the angel who has come to make him realize where his priorities should be? Watch the movie. 

And from It's a Wonderful Life this classic: "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." This line ties the entire story together since you know that now after helping George, Clarence has earned his wings.

Okay, but these lines were in movies, how does this relate to books? 

Dialogue is even more important in books because the reader can go over and over each line as he/she studies and savors them. 

My challenge for you this week--make the dialogue in your book memorable. 

It's a tough job, but I know you're up to the task. ;)


  1. Love those three Christmas movies!!! They were watched every year when I was a kid, and when I moved out I made sure to buy my own copies!

    Your contest is noted on my sidebar and the picture of your novel is up. :) Thanks for the contest!

  2. Laura:

    I love those movies as well. Nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, a plate of Christmas cookies close by and watching those classics.

    Thanks for posting the cover of my Christmas book. Your name is entered in the drawing. :)

  3. Hi Kathi -

    It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies.

    I have several Willow Tree figurines, including one of a girl reading a book. I like to think of it as the Bible. :)


  4. We have our favorite Christmas movies. Jingle All The Way and Elf are two favorites. Of course, Charlie Brown is always a winner too.

  5. Great writing tip and a beautiful angel ornament to top it off :)

  6. Susan,
    When I see that Willow Tree ornament of the angel holding a book (Bible) I'll think of you. :)

  7. Stephen,
    You may not believe this, but I've never seen Jingle All the Way.

    But I loved Elf and Charlie Brown. I remember dialogue from both. :)

  8. Good dialogue is so important to help keep interest, maintain flow, and provide deeper insight to the characters. Dialogue is probably my favorite thing to write.

    Tossing It Out

  9. I love the angel of hope! I have the exact same one over my piano. Great choice. =)

  10. Arlee,
    I agree. I, too, love to write dialogue, especially when there's conflict. I don't mean fighting conflict, but tension conflict. You know, tension beneath the words being said. Makes for a great writing day. ;)

  11. Carolyn,
    I thought she was so pretty. I'm going to have a hard time giving her away. BUT I will. :)



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