Friday, December 10, 2010

And They Were . . . Kissing!

(As  you can tell by the picture this is not going to be my usual Friday post of a book review or interview with an author. I thought I'd stir things up a little.)

Every Tuesday and Thursday (if the weather cooperates), I walk with a friend. We meet at a little park that is midway between our homes. Yesterday, I arrived early, so I decided to weed out the text messages on my cell phone. I'm horrible about deleting and had well over a 100 messages. I worked on that for a while. When I looked up, I saw that several parking lanes from me there was a couple in a car and they were . . . kissing. And not just a peak on the cheek, but making-out kissing.

Being the writer that I am, my mind started shifting through several scenarios. 

  • Were they newlyweds who couldn't wait to see each other, so they met in the park?
  • Were they co-workers who had to get away from work so no one would see them together?
  • Or were they married to other people and having an affair?

I really didn't want the last one to be right. Coming up with different scenarios made me think of the main character in my book. What would Regi do if she had seen this couple? It was fun getting into her thought process and trying to figure out how she would handle it. 

How about the main character in your book? What would he/she think or do finding a couple madly kissing? 
  • Would she turn away? 
  • Would he immediately think the couple was having an affair? 
  • Would it make her think of a lost love? 
  • Would he wish he could find his soul mate?

And the questions could go on and on.

Please leave a comment and let me know what your main character would think.  :)



  1. I've seen that before and my children were with me. Made me uncomfortable. What a writers mind you have! Now I'm wondering he same things. Guess we'll have to finish the story ourselves. ;)

  2. My main character would be ecstatic - she's a fairy godmother :-) Happy ever after here we come.

  3. Ah, my MC would see the couple and think, "No one ever wants to kiss me like that."

    Sad, but (fictionally) true!

  4. T. Anne,
    I understand. I was embarrassed and I was alone until my friend arrived. Isn't it great to be a writer and have things we see spur us on in our writing. So cool!

  5. Christina,
    A fairy godmother as a main, how neat is that? She could certainly make it a happy-ever-after story. :)

  6. Lydia,
    Well, your main character needs to meet up with Christina's who is a fairy godmother. An entirely different story would unfold. :)

    But seriously, I do understand that some character's see things with different eyes. How they digest the world around is colored by their past and present and it's important to keep them in character so they can grow.

  7. I sure hope they were newlyweds sneaking some kissing on their work breaks! That'd be sweet.

    Since my characters are children, they'd probably be totally grossed out!

  8. Laura,
    I'm hoping for that scenario, too.

    You're right, children would think it was gross. In fact, I was pretty grossed out myself.

  9. Oh my! Ok, I think my mc would think the guy loved the girl so much, he couldn't stop touching her. And she'd long for the same thing.

  10. I think my MC would be uncomfortable. PDAs kind of freak him out. ;)

    I really hope it wasn't that last scenario either. Guess it goes to show that when there are writers about, nobody's safe from being fictionalized! ;)

  11. Julie,
    Your main character sounds like a romantic at heart. Good for her. The world needs a little more lovin'. :)

  12. Laura,
    I really hoped the third scenario wasn't what was going on. But it does make one wonder.

    Isn't it fun to be a writer and find that even the little slices of life can be blown into novels? It's exciting, really. So many of my books have started with just a little incident from real life. :)

  13. first of all, that dude is kissing w/ his eyes open! who does that?? :)

    second, these must have been adults and not teenagers, so of course you think differently. I would think boyfriend and girlfriend. lunch break or something.

  14. Tamera,
    I would like to think the best, so let's say they were just a boyfriend and girlfriend having lunch in the part. :)

  15. I think I'd like to invent a main character who would play a trick on them - like a blow horn, or a snowball on the windshield.

  16. I love how you pulled in your MC's thoughts to the situation! My MC would be shocked - but then there's no touching in her world. :)

  17. MT:
    Doggone it! I wish I would have thought of that. :)

  18. Susan:

    Now I'm really curious about your MC. No touching would be tough. That would mean no holding hands, no hugs, and definitely no kissing. Very curious indeed. :)



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