Monday, November 22, 2010

Part Seven: My Journey to Publication

Last week I left you wondering if my young adult, time travel was the first book I sold.

Well, it wasn't. I spent a year writing about a boy named Tag, who went back in time to Samuel the Lamanite's daughter. The working title I had for that novel was The Wraiths and the Sacrifice. I felt good about this book. As soon as I finished Tag's story I sent it off. This started the process of send the novel off, get a rejection, send off, get rejection. Meanwhile, I needed to work on another YA. 

Once again I wanted to use the backdrop of the Book of Mormon. I asked my son what Book of Mormon story he thought was exciting. He looked at me as if that was a no-brainer and said, "the Stripling Warriors."

I really liked that idea, but I wanted my next book to have a female protagonist. As I pondered over what to do I realized, why not have a teenage girl with a black belt in karate go back in time and help train the stripling warriors? That would make for some great conflict. Plus, the research into karate would be a snap because my son was a second degree black belt. So I started working on The Forgotten Warrior

As I wrote the book I realized there were two big climatic scenes: one after the battle for Cumeni and one after the battle for Zarahemla. So I cut the story in half, making two books. I sent the first book to a publisher who requested to see it, but I also queried other publishers just in case. Then the publisher--whom I really wanted to buy it--replied to my query interested in the novel. I started putting pressure on the publisher who had been sitting on my book for a very long time. Finally he called and confessed that he'd lost the manuscript and could I email him a copy. I did and within a week he rejected the book, freeing the way for me to send it to the publisher I wanted all along. I was so excited. 

And then  . . . I didn't hear anything for six months. :(

I remember when I finally did. It was July and I was attending the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in Dallas, Texas. I'd gone to the Harlequin party with my roommate, who publishes with them. I met many famous authors and agents. We returned to our room late that night. 

Before I tumbled into bed, I checked my phone. My husband had left a message. To not disturb my sleeping roommate, I tiptoed into the bathroom to call. My husband told me I'd received an email from the publisher with good news and bad news.  

The bad news was the editor who loved my book was quitting the company, which really concerned me. What chance would my book have? Then Hubby told me the good news. My book had passed their review board. The final approval would come from the managing board. I should hear something in about a month. I was so excited that I let out a little scream, waking my roommate. She thought I was ill and tapped on the door, checking on me. I told her what had happened, and we were awake for quite a while talking about all the possibilities.

A month later I received an email from the managing editor at Covenant Communications telling me that they accepted my book, The Forgotten Warrior, for publication. My dream had come true.

Little did I know a whole new world would open to me, and I was about to learn the flip side of being published.

What is the flip side? 
Did I publish other books? 
What about The Wraiths and the Sacrifice

I'll tell you next Monday. ;)

This is the only post for this week. I have family coming from out of town to spend Thanksgiving with us. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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