Monday, November 29, 2010

The Flip Side

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I certainly feel blessed. My brother and his family spent the holiday with us. We had a marvelous time, went to see the latest Harry Potter movie, and then, did the crazy "Black Friday" thing. After standing in line at Target for two and a half hours at four in the morning, Hubby and I have vowed to never do that again. :)

This week I'm back to blogging. And visiting blogs. I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. With the holiday and trying to get a couple of books written, I've fallen waaaaay behind. But I vow to do better.

For several weeks before Thanksgiving I'd been telling you about my path to publication. This week I thought I'd discuss the flip side of publishing a book.

I had been trying for years to get published and in that time I went back to college and earned my degree. I also worked for a curriculum publisher writing and editing children's concept and biography books. 

Still I wanted to break into fiction. I wrote five romantic suspense novels, three middle readers, and one young adult, none of which were published. My second young adult novel, The Forgotten Warrior, finally made it.

But there's a flip side to publication. No one told me about this part, so I'm letting you in on the secret. 

Here it is: once you're published that's when you roll up your sleeves and work your tail off. It's true. Writing your novel (or in my case novels) was only the proving ground. You're mingling with pros now. No more excuses. There are edits to make, galleys to read, and during this time you need to ramp up your promotion engine. This means you need to write articles for magazines/newspapers, volunteer to speak anywhere and everywhere you can, and you have to make a presence for yourself on the Internet.

I wish I could give you a magic formula on which generates sells of your novel, but after having only three books published I'm still trying to find what really works. AND it's different for each book. What worked for one book may not work for another.

Were all the years of writing novel after novel and receiving one rejection after another worth the time and trouble when I finally became published? Oh, yes! 

There's something magical about holding your novel in your hands, turning the pages, and smelling that fresh scent of a newly published book that has your name on it. Each time it's a thrill. I'm very grateful to my publisher! Their entire staff have been amazing.

And if I'd never published I wouldn't have created my blog, and I would have never met YOU!!!

I hope reading about my looooooong story to publication (took more weeks than I thought) has encouraged you on your path. 

For those who have already published maybe you found that your journey was similar to mine. 



  1. I just turned my third one and my first one doesn't come out until March, so I'm at the very beginning of this whole process, but I'm learning that what you've described here is very, very true. And I just found out I'm getting a new editor in the middle of all this, so there's another new experience to file under "Figuring this all out." Life is boring if it's always the same, though, so I guess I'm good with it. It's pretty entertaining trying to navigate through it all.

  2. Melanie,
    I'm with you. Life is not boring as you try to ride the wave of publishing. But what a great ride it is. Thanks for stopping by. And good luck with your books! :)



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