Monday, October 18, 2010

Part Two of My Journey to Publication

I stopped my tale last week after I had spoken with that know-it-all author.

You know, the one who thought only people who had published articles or worked on a paper could write a book. So after I cried and felt all sorts of worthless, I still wanted to write.

Though, I realized I needed more education. Idaho State University offered night classes in Idaho Falls, which was only six miles away, so I signed up for an English class. 

I had three little kids at the time and couldn't attend during the day. I really enjoyed learning. All too soon the class was over. I wanted to keep going, but couldn't afford it. My husband had lost his job. 
He finally found work in Salt Lake. 

So we moved our little family to the big city, and I had to go to work part time. BUT I still kept writing. I even tried to sell some articles. Unfortunately, I became very familiar with rejection letters.

Then one day I found an ad for a novel writing class being offered at Pioneer Craft House. The hitch was . . . the class was on Friday mornings, and I worked that day. 
I wanted to take that class so badly that I screwed courage to my backbone and asked my boss if I could switch and work a different day. He told me to go ahead.

Little did I know that I would meet other writers in that class who would become life-long friends.


  1. Oh my word! I hate when people say things like that!

    I'm glad you met friend though. :-)

  2. And you stop again at a cliff hanger! No! ;)

  3. Misha,
    Yeah, he wasn't very nice. I'm hoping if other writers have something similar happen to them, they will not let such negativity stop them. I almost did and am I glad I didn't let it get to me down too long. :)

  4. Laura,
    What can I say? Guess it's the storyteller in me. ;)

  5. Enjoyed your journey so far, sorry someone made you cry. At least you brushed yourself down and continued. :)

  6. Aw! I love this! Write friends are the best. =)

  7. Glynis,
    Though that writer made me cry, he also made me determined to succeed. I wonder what he would say now. =]

  8. Carolyn,
    I really don't know what I would do without my writer friends. We've been through a lot together. =]

  9. Kathi, the writing experience is a roller coaster for sure. I'm so thankful you haven't given up. Thanks for sharing a piece of your journey here. Write on! :)

  10. Stacy,
    Writing can definitely be a roller coaster ride. All a writer can do is enjoy the highs and learn from the lows. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  11. You turned the advice from that old pucker-mouthed lemon into nice sweet lemonade. Good for you!

  12. Carol,
    You make me smile. It took a while to make lemonade, but it was so sweet to finally say I did it. :)



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