Monday, October 11, 2010

A Budding Writer

I thought you might like to learn how and why I became a writer. Don't yawn yet. 

It's just that I've been asked this question many times. Everyone travels a different road to publication, and maybe you can learn from my mistakes because my road was long with a lot of curves.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I was a budding writer. What makes a "budding" writer? 
Someone who loves to read. 

I have always loved books. One day in high school, my English teacher gave the class a challenge to write a short story. I don't remember the story I wrote, something about a tall, creepy-looking giant who nobody liked, anyway, my teacher was so impressed that she had me read it in front of the entire class. I guess she thought it was good. 

Then life happened, I got married at a very young age. After my first child was born I was suffering from the baby blues. My reading kicked up a lot while baby was sleeping!!! I read all the books I owned, then started on my mother's books. She had all the classics of Mary Stewart, Dorothy Eden, Phylis Whitney, Nora Lofts and on and on. After a while my wise mother suggested that I write a book.

I was shocked, and then I became excited. 

I wrote my first book in long hand. When I finished, I borrowed Mom's typewriter (it looked amazingly like this one) and typed up my manuscript. (Am I ever grateful for the computers we have today!)

With the novel finished, I called a published author. I wanted his advice about where I could send it. I don't remember this guy's name but he said, "What makes you think that you can write a book other people would want to read?"

I was crushed, and yes, I cried. 

So what did I do next?  You'll have to stop by next Monday, and I'll continue to tell you about my road to publication. ;)


  1. I have to wait till next Monday??!! I love these kinds of stories and I've always been curious about your path, Kathi. Thanks for being willing to share! :o)

    ~ Jackee

  2. This is an excellent post! I love hearing how other authors made it. I can't wait for more. =D

  3. Jackee,
    If my story helps other writers I'm happy to share it. We're in this together.=]

  4. Carolyn,
    Why thank you! I'm hopeful others will like it as well. =]

  5. How fun to see how you became YOU. =]

  6. Laura,
    I'm more than happy to share my story, especially if it helps other writers. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. I find published writers' journeys fascinating! Thanks for sharing yours. I'm looking forward to what happened after that man's crushing response (and also, ignorant. Did he think his work was the only thing people were reading??). Grrrr!

    We got our first computer when I was 5, but when I was young I'd write my stories on an old baby blue typewriter instead. The typewriter made me feel like a real author! I loved all the sounds it made. :) I am super grateful for computers though, lol!

  8. Laura,
    He was an older fellow who thought writers had to prove themselves first by publishing articles or writing for newspapers. When I told him I'd only written a book, he laughed, the old poop.

    Typewriters were something, weren't they? The keys would get stuck and when you made a mistake you had to erase or use white-out. What a major pain!

    I remember when PCs first came into vogue for writers and many thought they would lead to "canned" writing. Oh brother! If anything computers have freed writers to be more creativity.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)



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