Monday, September 20, 2010

Third Weekly Winner and Thirteenth Day of the Journey

Drum roll please....

The third weekly winner is...

Michelle Teacress!!!

Now just in case you're new to this site
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what in the world's going on. 
We'd love to have you join the journey!!!

After leaving the oasis last Friday 
we can now see the wicked city of Jacobugath.

This, of course, is an artist's opinion of what a city might have looked like during ancient times in South America. But it closely matches how I pictured Jacobugath for  
The Stone Traveler.

While you're here, please stop 
and check out the next review here.


  1. Congrats to Michelle!!! Only one more week to win...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ;)

  2. Hey, that's me! Thanks so much, Kathi. :)

  3. Congratulations Michelle!

    Pleeeese tell me there are hot showers and wine spritzers waiting.

    You think...NO? *sprays more deodorant* Well I will go and find out for myself. Byeee.

  4. Laura,
    You're so awesome! Thanks for following the journey.

  5. Michelle,
    You are very welcome!!! Thanks for coming on the journey.

  6. Glynis,
    You make a good point. A good dip in a river or lake would be so nice.

    I rather doubt they have wine spritzers, but we could have mugs of chichi to drink. That's better than not so much. ;)



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