Friday, September 3, 2010

Journey Delay!!!

(Thanks to photobucket for the pictures on this posting.)

Oh my stars!!!
I can't believe it's happened already,
but I have a lost reviewer. 

I've sent up flares, 

formed a search party, 
and sent out the dogs, 

but so far no one can find her.

Please don't worry or become discouraged. 
Keep your chin up and your energy high.
As soon as I track her down 
(she can't be far away), 
I'll post a link to her site,
and we'll be good to go once again. 

Thank you for your patience.

Have a piece of virtual chocolate on me. 


  1. Oh no! I hope you find your reviewer soon.

    Thanks for the chocolate!

  2. LOL! Awesome Kathi! I hope the reviewer is found safe and sound. =)

  3. But...but...but.

    Can't somebody text her?

  4. Laura,
    I've been so worried about her. You are most welcome for the chocolate. I hope you picked the piece you wanted. :)

  5. Carolyn,
    I hope she's safe and sound as well. I'm keeping the light on for her. :)

  6. Michelle,
    I sent urgent messages to all of her email addresses. Alas, I don't have her number to text. (Hanging my head in shame.) I'm hopeful to hear from her soon.

  7. Meagan,
    I know it's bad. I'm so worried. Not only for her, but for those following behind her. Hmm, I'll try to come up with a solution.

  8. Oh whoops, I hope you find her soon!
    I took two chocs, one for DH [honest] and one for me, thanks. ☺

  9. Glynis,
    Of course, take two pieces. There's plenty. :)



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