Monday, September 6, 2010

First Winner and Day Three of the Journey

This is fun!

The winner of the first weekly drawing is...

Ben Spendlove!!!

The toy jaguar, stone necklace and chocolates with the flavor of South America will soon be on their way to you.


A new week is starting. 
If you want to join us on the journey
you can still catch up. 
On the sidebar under 
"The Stone Traveler's Blog Tour.
Come and follow the journey"
Click on the links and
make sure to leave a comment 
on each stop of the journey 
and you, too, might win 
a toy jaguar, 
stone necklace,
and chocolate with the flavor of 
South America. 

Not only that but your name 
will go into the pot for the
of a 
(check out the sidebar where the prizes are posted)


So this is day three of the journey, 
though it should be day four, 
but we had to search 
for a lost sheep
on day three
so now day four is day three. 
Did I lose anyone?

Today we're stepping into these nifty canoes 
and starting our trip down
the River Sidon.

Yes, the same river Tag, 
the protagonist in  
The Stone Traveler
--a troubled  teen with a lot of baggage,
who is trying to understand his role in life--
paddled down with Sabirah, 
the beautiful daughter of 
Samuel the Lamanite.

Make certain to keep your arms and legs inside the canoe.
The water looks calm, 
but believe me danger lurks.
Click here
to take a rest 
and leave today's comment 
for the blog tour.


  1. Congrats to Ben!!! Those chocolates sound so delish!

  2. Laura,
    Those chocolates really pack a punch. :)

  3. Ack! I got busy and missed the first week. Sorry for me, but congrats to Ben.

    Now off to see what's in store for this week. Thanks, Kathi!

  4. No problem, Jackee.
    You're out of luck for last week's prize, but you can still go back and comment on last week's blogs by using the links in the sidebar. Then just comment on the sites for this week's stops and you might win this week's prize, PLUS you'll still be able to have your name in the pot for the grand prize. But only if you comment on all the tour sites.

    I'm so happy that you're going with us on the journey!!!

  5. Congrats Ben! I'm off to check out today's adventure. =)

  6. Congratulations Ben! OK, off I go. Stop rocking the canoe...whoops.

  7. Carolyn,
    Make sure to drink lots of water. The river doesn't look too clean. :)

  8. Glynis,
    Give your a hand and I'll pull you back in. These canoes are tricky. :)

  9. Congratulations to the winner. How fun for him!



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