Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day Twenty of the Journey

Do you believe we've been traveling on this journey for 20 days!!!

You guys are awesome!!!

I'll bet you're tired.

Look at this guy. He seems tired, too.

The jungles in South America have lots of howler monkeys. In fact, Tag heard them as he camped for the night on the last leg of his journey.

Have you every wondered if monkeys talk to one another? 

I found out that they do.

Isn't that awesome?

While we're resting, you might find 
the next review interesting. 
I know I did. :)

(If you're new to this blog and wonder what's going on click here to see where the journey begins.)


  1. Kathi,
    Thanks for the reminder. I looked through the list and found one I'd missed - oh my!
    Great tour, I've found some fab. blogs to follow.
    Christina Dymock

  2. Christina,
    I'm so glad you checked! And I'm happy you found some new blog sites to add to your list. :)

  3. How much fun has this been?!?! Thanks for doing the blog tour- I've found some great books to read along the way and can't wait to read yours:)

  4. I am a little stuck at the top of the tree, Kathi. I followed one of my favourites to the top, and he left me swinging. I will be down soon!

    Day 20 is such a treat for a primate lover! They are so clever.

    Phew, I am back on the ground. I will slip off to read the review.

  5. Brendajean,
    Oh, I'm glad you've been enjoying the tour! I've had a great time meeting new bloggy friends. And I'm always happy to have people want to read my book.

  6. Glynis,
    That was a close call. I'm glad you were able to climb down without much trouble. Those monkeys can be tricky. :)



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