Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Seventeen of the Journey

It's been fun roaming around the ruins, 
but today we are heading back into the jungle.

Looks a bit intimidating, doesn't it? 
You never know what you'll 
find hiding in a tree 
or slithering on the ground.
Let's stay together. 
The journey is nearly over. 
Only four more sites to check next week
and then...
well then the grand prize will be drawn.

Does everyone have their backpacks loaded and ready to go?

Where's the stone I gave you? 
You're going to need it. 
Why don't you take a minute and visit
the next site before you check your pack.

(If you're new to this blog and wonder what's going on click here to see where the journey begins.) 


  1. Laura,
    It really is getting down to the wire. Next week we'll find out who wins the Kindle. :)

  2. Groan...not the jungle again.
    OK. Check list.

    Mozzie spray-check
    Boots - check
    long stick -check
    water - check
    Anti persp -check
    Lipstick -check
    perfume - check
    Mascara - check
    (All the stars wear it when they are in the movies, must be a requirement)
    Stamina - check
    Humour - check

    Ready, Kathi. I cannot believe the end it so close. Time flies! Gosh this pack is heavy...onward and upward.
    ♫ ♫ In the jungle the might jungle, the lion had better not roar tonight, in the jungle..♫ ♫


  3. It is getting close to finishing. I was trying to post a comment on Linda Weaver Clark's blog and it would not let me. She really did an awesome job with her review!

  4. Glynis,
    Sorry, but yup, more jungle. I'm so glad you're prepared though. Now we know who to go to should anyone need help. :)

  5. Elizabeth,
    Hmm, I wonder what the deal is with Linda's blog. I'll send her an email. I'm sure she would want to know. Thanks!



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