Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Seven of the Journey and a Book Review of The Fourth Nephite by Jeffrey S. Savage

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Well, we can pull our canoes on shore 
and load our packs on our backs. 
From here on 
the journey will be on foot. 
It's been quite the trip 
sailing down the Sidon. 
Say goodbye to the river.

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And also please enjoy my book review of
The Fourth Nephite
Jeffrey S. Savage

 In case you haven't guessed by now after reading a couple of my books (you have read my books, right?) I love young adult time-travel. So when I heard that Jeff Savage had written a new book title The Fourth Nephite I quickly volunteered to read it for a review.

Here's the back liner of the book.
Busted. Football star Kaleo Steele gets caught under the high school bleachers with the wrong group of friends. Even worse, he's caught by his seminary teacher, Brother Mortensen. If Kaleo gets turned in, he'll be in jeopardy of missing the regional championship game.

It doesn't help that Kaleo has been cutting seminary class. What's the point? Mumbo jumbo stories about gold plates and Joseph Smith? Brother Mortensen decides Kaleo is ready for an extraordinary "field trip"--one that could alter the course of his life and heart.

Reluctantly, Kaleo begins a journey that sends him to meet a mysterious old blind man and travel an underground maze before pushing through a battered wooden door only to find himself in Palmyra, New York, in the fall of 1827. 

Soon, Kaleo and a nineteenth-century friend named Jennie are caught up in a battle between treasure seekers--led by Alistair Blackburn, a necromancer, hired to steal the gold plates--and the young Joseph Smith, who has sworn to keep them safe.

In his quest to find a key that will send him back to his own time, Kaleo will have to decide for himself what to believe and who to trust. Before it's too late.

This book is such a fun read. A small blurb is placed before each chapter. It is written as though Kaleo is talking to the reader and gives just a hint of what the following pages hold in store. What a wonderful writing device to pull you into the story! 

As you read about Kaleo you find he is a guy you want to succeed. You're there hoping he won't go with his friends to a party where you know something bad will happen. You listen as Kaleo reasons his doubts away and convinces himself it will be all right. You feel Kaleo's horror as he is caught by his seminary teacher. And you also feel his panic as he worries that all the years he has trained in football to play for college football scouts may never happen because of that one split second he let down his guard and accepted a drink.

I couldn't help but think of young adults today and the temptations they face. As I followed Kaleo on his trip to visit Ladan--and he became lost in the tunnels, then found himself in Palmyra, New York in 1827--I couldn't help but wish seminary teachers could actually give troubled teens a card that would give them a similar experience. 

But then I realized...all our youth need to do is read this wonderful book that shows the prophet Joseph as a person they would probably like if they had a chance to met him. I strongly recommend The Fourth Nephite. It's a wonderful, fanciful novel that not only entertains, but teaches.

(I was given a free copy of this book to read. I reviewed it because I liked it.)


  1. Great review, Kathi, I'm going to recommend this one to our school library. We're always looking for appropriate YA books, especially for boys in the upper grades. THanks!

  2. Jill,
    I'm glad you liked the review. :)
    Jeff has several other YA books. A couple that come to mind are in his Farworld series: Water Keep and Land Keep.


  3. I have trouble with that Blogger feature so often I rarely use it.

  4. So that's what happened! Lol, that's always the worst. I hate it when I do that on my alarm clock. Luckily my biological clock has never made me late for anything yet!

    Great review! This looks really interesting. Time travel is a compelling topic. It'd be pretty awesome if it could be done! But until that happens, it's great having writers write about it, haha. :)

  5. I have passed this review onto my friend. She is always looking for quality stories for her son to read.

    Off to buy some walking boots...byeee

  6. Carol,
    Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I had several appointments away from my office that as soon as I saved the link, I left thinking all was well. Oh, brother.

  7. Laura,
    Thanks for understanding about the delay.

    Boy, wouldn't time travel be something. Imagine all the famous people you could meet. :)

  8. Glynis,
    I hope your friend enjoys the book. I know I did.

    Pick up a pair of hiking boots. We're heading up the mountain on our journey next week. :)

  9. Great review! Sounds like a very interesting book.

    Love the photo, by the way.

  10. Talli,
    Thanks! Jeff's book was such a fun read. And I'm glad you like the photo. I thought it was a nice good-bye to the river.

  11. Jeff is one of my favorite people! I really need to read this book THEN let my son read it.

  12. Taffy,
    Jeff is an awesome author. I really think you'll enjoy this book. And so will your son.



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