Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Eleven of the Journey

Today we were supposed to have
two rest stops on our trek across
the Land of Desolation. 

But one reviewer is straggling far behind for some reason.

So let's move along,
get away from this desert coyote,

and see what the next reviewer 
has to say about The Stone Traveler
 by clicking here.

If the other reviewer catches up
I'll let you know.

For those wondering what is going on with this blog check out the beginning of this journey here.


  1. Oh no! I hope you find your reviewer soon!

  2. Laura,
    So do I. I'm worried about her. She probably just wandered off the trail. I'm hoping she'll turn up soon.

  3. What a great review from Michelle! This has been so much fun. =)

  4. Sorry Michele, I added an extra L. opps. *face turning red*

  5. Oh dear, I did see a little brown mound miles back, maybe she was taking a rest. Carrying a house on your back across a desert can't be easy. Let's hope she catches up asap.

    Quick I threw a bone for the while we can!

  6. Okay. I'm hot, tired and sweaty, having trekked this morning trying to catch up. (I started this journey today. Hi. ***waves****). I may have passed the lost reviewer along the way. She was swimming in a waterfall - no need to worry.

    Really cool contest, Kathi!

  7. Carolyn,
    I'm so happy that you're enjoying the journey! Michele is such a great writer and to have her say such wonderful things about my book was a high compliment.

  8. Carolyn,
    Don't worry. Michele is very forgiving. ;)

  9. Glynis,
    You didn't throw the bone far enough. He's coming! Quick read the review and let's get out of here.

  10. Samantha,
    It didn't take you long to catch up. I'm so glad you saw our lost reviewer. I should have guessed she became sidetracked by the waterfalls. Shoot! I'm sure she'll find us by tomorrow. :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying the journey!

  11. Carol,
    Aren't the pictures fun? You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...wait a minute. A writer shouldn't say that. Maybe not a thousand, AND they can't replace the imagination, but they certainly help. (Did I redeem myself?)



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