Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Eighteen of the Journey

The winner of the very last weekly drawing is...

Laura Marcella!!!

Congratulations, Laura!

Okay before we start on the journey
please, please, please 
double check that you have 
left comments on each 
and every site on the blog tour. 
(blog sites on the tour are listed 
in the left sidebar under 
"The Stone Traveler's Blog Tour. 
Come and follow the journey!") 

I've been keeping track and 
some who are participating 
have missed one or two sites. 
I don't want to leave you behind 
and have you miss the chance 
to win a Kindle.
Only four more days.
Remember the cut off is midnight on 

I'll announce the winner 
of the Kindle on 
Monday October 4th
That will give me time to check 
and double check
to make certain 
I've marked everyone properly.

So, this week we're back in the jungle. 
Let's form a line and follow the llama. 
I know, you're tired of the jungle, 
but after Jacobugath was destroyed Tag, 
the hero in The Stone Traveler
and Sabirah, 
the daughter of Samuel the Lamanite
--a warrior woman in her own right--
had to travel through the jungle 
once again to find their way 
to the Land Bountiful.

The picture below is a very good likeness
of how I imagined Sabirah. 
Now wouldn't you follow her 
into the jungle again?
She looks very capable 
with a sword in each hand. 
I really don't think we'll have any trouble.

But maybe we'd better check our packs 
and make sure we have pest repellent 
and our virtual swords handy. 
While we check let's 
leave our comments for today on this
this site.


  1. Yay for Laura! And I love that picture of Sabirah, Kathi. The llama's a nice touch, too:)

  2. Thank you, Kathi! This has been such a fun and generous blog tour. My birthday is coming up soon (Oct. 20) so this is a wonderful early birthday present! Thanks again so much!!!

  3. Laura,
    You're very welcome!
    Thanks for following the blog tour. It's been so much fun.

    As you know, even though you've won a weekly prize you're still eligible for the grand prize, too.

  4. Congrats to Laura!

    Kathi, I triple checked my comments. They're all there, except the one I just left (waiting for blog owner approval). I'm so excited to see who wins! What a fun contest. :)

  5. I may have to go back and post comments. =)

  6. Michelle,
    I'm so glad you triple checked. I hope others will, too.

    It's been a wonderful journey!

  7. Carolyn,
    Yes, please go back and check. I'd hate for you to miss out. :)

  8. I've checked mine too, and I'm good (except tonight's which still needs to be approved). For some reason, some of my comments say "Tracy" and some of them say "Tracy Loewer". The pictures are the same, and they're both me, so please count me in!

  9. Congratulations, Laura!

    Kathi, I went back and found a couple of comments hadn't gone through. Blogger error was some of the problem for me. Blog owner approval is hard to check whether they have been received. I went to every blog today and commented on the ones that blipped the other day.

    OK>Let's get this journey flowing again. I found a lovely bush of berries. I checked my book, they are edible. Anyone want one? Mmm, juicy.

  10. Tracy,
    I noticed that sometimes it drops your last name as well, but have no fear. I figured it out. :)

  11. Glynis,
    Thanks for telling me about the blogger blip. I'll check with all the reviewers and make certain they have no outstanding comments waiting to be posted. Thanks for the heads up.

    Now on we go!



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