Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where Do You Write?

Where do you write?

At a desk?

On the couch?

In an office?

In the family room?

In the car?

On a train?

On a plane?

Wait a minute. This is beginning to feel like a Dr. Seuss story.
And that's not where I'm going at all.

Dwight Swain, a bestselling author I quote quite often, said,
"What you really need [to write in] is a windowless, bookless, distractionless gray room."

His point was you should totally concentrate on your story with NO distractions whatsoever.

Now before you dismiss this notion, many years ago when my house was full of kids and I had nowhere to write, I put my small desk and computer in my bedroom's walkin closet. (Yeah, I was a closet writer.) BUT I wrote a lot of good stories in there. None sold, but I was able to concentrate. So there is a lot of truth to what he said.
And if you're having trouble concentrating you might try that.

However, I left closet writing for my office long ago and I must say, I rather like having a window to gaze out of. Is it distracting? I don't believe so. Plus, I really like my office filled with light.

I guess the most important thing is to find 
a place where you can write,
a place where your imagination can soar,
and where your story can unfold.

Different writers find different places where they are most productive.

Where do you write?

And why do you feel you're most productive there?


  1. I have an office I write in-it's not large about 12 by 10 and it is wall to wall books, swords and other curio's but it is perfect for me. I have accomplished more in this office over the last three and a half years than everywhere else combined.

  2. David:
    Your office sounds sooo like you! I can just see you there pounding out battle scenes on your keyboard. Wall to wall books sounds like heaven to me. Most of my books are in the room next to my office. It's so interesting to learn where other authors write. :)

  3. At my desk. Because that's where I feel most comfortable. I can't imagine writing with no distractions. Two dogs, a husband who offices at home, laundry, doorbells, phones. It's a wonder I accomplish anything some days.

  4. I tend to write in an arm chair in the living room. Either music or tv is on and often other people are there. I also do a lot of writing up on my bed.

    I'm a teacher, so background noise doesn't bother me much :)

  5. I write at my dining room table. It's nice and sunny and I feel like I am getting something accomplished. =)

  6. I write either in my home office (shared with the family) or at our kitchen counter. When I'm revising, I like to print out the entire manuscript, take it to my bedroom, and mark it up on my bed. Location makes a difference!

  7. Carol,
    You have great concentration with all that's going on around you. Most of the time I start the laundry and forget it because I get caught up in my story. I hate it what that happens. ;)

  8. Jemi,
    You're amazing. I don't know how you do it. Keep going because it seems to work for you. :)

  9. Carolyn,
    The dining room in my house is a good place, too. I often go there when I'm tired of my office. :)

  10. Jill,
    I admire your ability to adapt. Good for you. I'll have to try this sometime.

  11. I actually move to the dining room table when I need to input some serious words! Isn't that strange? I can read emails and blog at the kitchen counter, but not write. I guess we all need that special place.

  12. T. Anne,
    I understand what you're saying. When I'm following my bloggy friends, I like to do that at the dining room table, or even on the couch.

    But to write on my book--I'm at my desk in my office. Wish I could be more flexible, but there you go. :)

  13. My favorite place to write fiction is on my porch. I take my laptop, (cause heaven forbid I can't check my email every twenty minutes) referrence books, notes, a composition book and my special writing pen.

    My favorite place to write NF is in my office.

    My favorite place to blog is in the family room in my big chair with my feet on my ottoman. :)

    I guess I'm all over the place...

  14. Sharon,
    Isn't that the way? I tend to do different tasks in different places, too. Blogging in my bedroom with my feet up, edits at the dining room table, but for my writing there's no place like my office. :)



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