Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to Write

Last Wednesday we talked about
who is the boss of your writing.
And the consensus: YOU are the boss.
You always wanted to be and now you are.

Along this same subject let's talk about time.
Every once in a while "time" becomes morphed and surreal.

Days go by in hyper-drive

And wrinkles are coming on everyone's faces, but not yours (or mine)?

And before you know it the time you were always going to hold in reserve for your writing
...well it's gone.

How can you get on top of this and make time work for you?

You've heard the saying, "timing is everything."
Well, how about scheduling time to write?

Boring, but think about it.
Consistently setting aside a certain time to write might work especially if you make sure everyone knows that you've set aside those precious hours and you're not to be disturbed unless its an emergency.

And since you're the boss, you can say what's an emergency and what isn't.

Just use the ER card sparingly.

What do you think?

 Can you set aside time to write?

How about early in the morning?

Or in middle of the day?

Or even late at night?

Or maybe every Tuesday evening the husband watches the kids while you go to the library and write?

Ideally you should write every day.
But depending on where you are in life you may have to work around other people's schedules.

Just don't forget to set your writing time aside.

What do you think?
Let me know.
I love to hear how other writers tackle this issue.


  1. I tend to write late in the evening - once work, homework and family life are settled down. I don't think of it as a schedule, but I guess it is - it's also the only time I have :)

  2. Jemi,
    Being there for family is our first priority. And I know you work full time, too. So you've found that precious time for writing that works for you. You would be amazed by how many writers tell me they can't find the time. :( So sad.

  3. Excellent advice. My writing time varies every day. The time I prefer to write is afternoon. But some days, like today, I've already written a little this morning.

  4. I find that when I schedule time to write, it gets done. When I don't, it doesn't get done.

  5. Carol,
    Some people work better in the afternoon. I'm a morning person, but when I'm into a book it's an all day thing.

    Good for you, already writing a little today. :)

  6. Carolyn,
    Scheduling is key for me, too. :)
    And making goals and lists. Crazy, I know. It just gives me a sense of accomplishment to check things off.

    I hope you're able to schedule some good writing time this summer. Especially after taking those wonderful classes.

  7. Right now time is not a problem for me as I have all day but when I was working a few months ago--it was very difficult and the weekends seemed to be it!

  8. Terri:

    Working outside the home does put a crunch on time to write. I remember snatching time during the weekends and late at night.

    Fortunately, I'm like you right now, I can write all day. :)

  9. I won't be writing as much during the summer as I would like (unless you count blogging). But during the school year, I have a schedule for writing and one for blogging. I've carved some time out during the summer, but it isn't much since I'm also going to be critting/beta reading other writer's novels. I don't feel too bad though. The break will probably do me good. :D

  10. Stina,
    You have a plan and that's great! And writing on a blog is flexing those creative muscles which helps with your book when you can turn your attention to it. :)



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