Monday, May 3, 2010

A Drawing, An Award and Adventures with my Daughter

The winner of my blog drawing this week is: Laura Marcella!!!

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Last week Wendy at On’n On’n On-Because a writer always has something to say gave me this beautiful blog award.
Thank you, Wendy.

I’m going to pass it on to:

Michele at Michele Ashman Bell
Christine at Day Dreamer
Jodi at Spumoni
Tristi at Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
Shawna at The Forever Blog

Now for the adventures with my daughter, Tricia.
I enjoy shopping with my daughter. I never really know what's going to happen, but I know we'll have fun. Tricia works part-time for the theater at the Conference Center. She’s in charge of the props for the Christmas production of The Savior of the World. A couple of weeks ago we went shopping for material that looked like fish. You haven't really lived until you've ask a salesclerk, "Does this look like fish skin?" First, you'll get the--is this woman for real--look, that is quickly replaced with--why was I the person she had to find? Despite the lack of scaly-looking material we finally found success.

Saturday Tricia was looking for artificial trees. She needed to replace some branches on the big tree in the production. We were in luck. We found three trees reasonably priced. The problem was loading them into her Pathfinder.

After standing in the rain staring at the car, we realized the trees weren't going to load themselves, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Tricia put the backseat down, and  we were able to put them in the car with the tree bases in the front resting on the passenger seat. But this left little room for me to sit. Turning on my side I squeezed in, and holding my breath I closed the door. I thought we were home free. I only lived a short distance away. But Tricia thought it would be best to take the trees to the storehouse in North Salt Lake—we were at 9000 South. I understood her reasoning. She didn’t want to drive around with the trees in her car all weekend and besides it was only a twenty-minute ride up the freeway.

Soooo the ramp to the freeway was stop n’ go, which should have been our first clue to turn back. Already half of my derriere was turning numb, a tree branch was poking my left side, and my head kept bumping the door frame. As we merged into the flow of traffic it was bumper to bumper. Tricia said she wanted to get over to the HOV lane. I thought, good luck, sweetheart. I really didn’t think she could do it, but by some miracle she maneuvered through four lanes of traffic and found success. I’m not sure how because my eyes were closed. Once in the HOV lane it wasn’t bad at all. However, I’ve never seen that much traffic on a Saturday. Twenty minutes turned into forever. The numbness in my left side traveled down my leg, leaves and moss floated in the air, and my head had made a nice little groove in the door frame. BUT we finally made it and put the trees safely away.

Once we returned home, Tricia got out that scaly-looking fish material and started working on samples to show her boss.

Above is Tricia cutting out the fish.

Here, we're stuffing the fish with beans.

And here are the sample fish.

Do you think they look like fish from the Sea of Galilee?

Okay, step away from the computer and squint, now do they look like fish?

Okay, so stay where you are and pretend there's a fish net over them?

Maybe turn the light off.

Okay, so maybe we need another miracle... :0)


  1. I think the fish turned out great. I don't think I would have thought of using beans to fill them though. Neat trick.

    Congratulations on your award.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Aw! Thanks for the reward. You're wo sweet. I love getting these. And I adore your new background. I've been neglecting my blogging friends and haven't been around for awhile. Very cute.

  3. Thanks, Mason. The beans were Tricia's idea. The fish have to be heavy like fish because during the play, some of the actors take them out of the net. The things I learn by helping her... :0)

  4. They DO look like fish. What a great idea! =)

    Congrats on the award.

  5. You're welcome, Christine. And thanks for the compliment. :0) Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Carolyn, I'm glad they look like fish. Tricia still needs to glue the eyes on them, but they'll do. Thanks for stopping by. :0)

  7. Wow, those fish look amazing! I actually saw the picture before I read the story and thought they were real. They look exactly like fish!

    And I can't believe I won this week! Yay!!! Thank you so much, Kathi!

  8. It doesn't matter about the fish. What matters is it was a great mother/daughter day.

  9. Laura, I'm glad you think they look "amazing." And you're welcome!!!

  10. Carol, you're right on! It was a great day with my daughter. Thanks for stopping by. :0)



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