Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interview with Tristi Pinkston

My friend, Tristi Pinkston, has a new book out title Secret Sisters. It's filled with Tristi's wonderful sense of humor. I thought you might enjoy learning about her new book, how she came up with the idea, and how her wonderful characters are also helping the community.

Since my interview with you last May, you’ve been busy writing and have a new book titled Secret Sisters. Tell us about it.

My book is about three women who serve as the presidency of the Relief Society in their town. It’s a comedy/mystery … I call it, “chick lit for the elderly,” although it really can be enjoyed by readers of any age.

How did you come up with such delightful characters as, Ida Mae Babbitt, Arlette Morgan, and Tansy Smith? Tell about them, their likes and dislikes and what’s important to them.
They honestly just appeared in my head. Ida Mae and Arlette showed up already named. Tansy’s original name was Mitzie, but I have a good friend in a former ward named Mitzie and I decided to rename the character. The name Tansy came nearly as quickly.

Ida Mae is the president, and she’s down-to-earth, practical, and has the tendency to be a little critical. She’s working on that, though, as she realizes it’s not how she should be. She has a hard time delegating and letting go, so being the president of the Relief Society has been a little bit of a stretch for her, but she’s learning how to trust others to do their jobs.
Arlette is the first counselor, and she takes everything very seriously. Rules must be followed, time must not be wasted, and every spare minute must be filled with a useful activity. She knits whenever she’s sitting still.

Tansy is full of light and fun. She’s younger than the other two by about a decade, and she can’t seem to take anything seriously. She’s very na├»ve but she does have a streak of savvy in her. She sees the best in everyone and can’t hold a grudge.

These three ladies are all different, but they share one thing in common – they love the sisters in their ward and would do anything to see to it that everyone’s needs are met.

I understand that they became so involved trying to fulfill their callings in the Relief Society that they became spies. Tell us how this happened and why.
One of the visiting teachers in the ward called Ida Mae to report that she’d noticed a lack of food in one family’s home. When Ida Mae asked the mother of the family, she was told that the husband got a job that day and would be bringing home groceries. Ida Mae strongly felt the woman was lying, but didn’t want to press her further. But Ren, Ida Mae’s nephew, had just invented a little camera small enough to go inside a fridge magnet, and he badly wanted to test it out. He talked Ida Mae into planting the camera, just so they could see if the father did indeed bring home groceries, and they uncover a whole lot more than they’d bargained for.

Tell us about Arlette’s Operation Sock Hop. What’s it all about and how can people become involved?
Arlette donates the socks she makes to the homeless shelter, and she asked me to spread the word that homeless shelters across the nation are experiencing a shortage of socks, coats, and blankets. She wrote a blog about it here:
Essentially, please bring a package of new socks to any of my book signings, or donate a package to a homeless shelter near you. You can also make monetary donations directly to the shelters for them to use as they see fit, but don’t give money to me – I’m not handling money with this project – just socks.

I understand that the Secret Sisters have their very own website. Tell us how that came to be and where we can find it.
You can find the Secret Sisters at Ida Mae has been trying to get more active online and Ren is helping her figure it all out. You can follow her on Twitter @IdaMaeBabbitt and on Facebook, too.!/profile.php?id=100000733464843&ref=ts

Thanks, Tristi. And I hope Arlette's Operation Sock Hop is a wonderful success! ;)


  1. Seriously awesome characters - sounds like a fabulous book!! :)

  2. This book sounds like a hoot! Great interview - thanks, ladies. :-)

  3. Jemi: Tristi's characters rock! I think she has a winner.

  4. Shannon, they are a "hoot". Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I noticed a book on my husband's grandmother's (non-)coffee table the other day, and the author's name was Kathi Oram Peterson. And I thought, "Where have I seen that name before...?" And then it came to me: Natalie Whipple's blog!

    So here I am, dropping by from Natalie's blog. Thanks for this interview - it sounds like a cute book. I especially liked the "chick lit for the elderly" line:)

  6. Krista:
    Well, how cool is that to have my book on someone's coffee table? I hope your husband's grandmother liked it. Stop by my blog any time!
    Tristi's book is great fun. I hope her book joins mine on that (non)coffee table. ;0)



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