Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Drawing, Blog Award and Golf???

Let's start the week off with the winner of my weekly drawing.

L.T. Elliot wins a Love Inspired book.

Don't forget, you can be a winner, too. All you need to do is--become a follower of my blog and leave a comment. :0)

I had a nice surprise. I was given a blog award from Shawna atThe Forever Blog.

Isn't it cute?

I'll pass it along to some of the awesome blogs that I follow.
Victoria at The Welcome Matt
Calista at The Steampunk Reverie
L.T. at Dreams of Quill and Ink
Sheila at Why Not Because I Said So
Abby at Abby Annis

A couple of weeks ago I confessed that I was a Trekkie.

Well, today I have another confession. I love to play golf. There's something about whacking that little ball as hard as I can that sets my heart to racing. My husband loves to golf as well. We've gone golfing when the wind was 40 mph, when snow was falling, and when it was so hot bacon could fry on top of the golf cart. (What was I thinking?)
Every spring we watch the Masters Tournament in Augusta. This year there was a great deal of hype because Tiger was playing. No doubt about it, Tiger is good. But he's not my favorite golfer. Of course, that would be my husband (who dreams of playing the Masters). Next on my list is Phil Mickelson. He is one class act, and I was so excited to see him win, especially after all that he and his wife, Amy, have been through this last year. (She was diagnosed with breast cancer. That's Phil kissing Amy to the right.)
Here's a question to ponder: How is playing a game of golf like writing a book?

I'll give you my answer Wednesday.

Have a great Monday!!!


  1. Yay! That's so awesome! Thank you, Kathi! (For both the award and the drawing. I'm so excited!)

    Can't wait to hear how writing is like golf. =D

  2. Woo hoo! I'm now a follower Kathi (and very excited!) My husband is a big golfer - Unfortunately, I can't hit the ball off that little tee. Maybe someday. *sigh* =)

  3. Congrats, Laura! And thanks for the blog award Kathi! Very sweet of you to think of me. :)

  4. Carolyn: I'm glad you're a follower!!! You really ought to try golf. There's nothing like taking frustration out on a golf ball. :0)

    Thanks, Christine!

    Abby: You're very welcome!

  5. It is something that gets better with time.

  6. Elizabeth, the golf? Yeah, I agree. Though, I don't seem to improve. Didn't make one birdie last year. I'm hopeful this year breaks the curse. :0)



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