Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pictures of Book Signings

I love seeing friends and family at my signings. Here are some pictures.

These are some of my writing group buddies: Roseann, Kathleen, Brenda, Charlene, and Dorothy.

Here are some of the Young Women in my ward and their leaders (I was serving as a counselor at the time).

This is my daughter Tricia. It's always nice to have the support of my family.

The lady in the red shirt is my good friend, Brenda.

My good friend, Kathleen, is taking a picture of me signing a book.

My friends: Kathleen, Brenda, and Dorothy.

Ahhhh, family again: Greg (my son-in-law) William (my grandson) and my daughter, Kristina, is giving me a hug.

This is my daughter's friend, Willow.

Friends: Kathy and Dennis.

My friend, Linda.

Fellow writer and friend, Roseann.

This is Doug and Cheryl Fisher. I worked for Doug in his accounting firm for many years.

My friend, Jan.

This is my neighbor, Eldon. And I'm hugging Sheri, my daughter's mother-in-law.

I'm hugging the designer of my business cards, Lindsey. She is with my son's friend, Sean.

Fellow writer and good friend for many years, Char.

Here I am with David Wolverton/Farland. We did a signing in Layton together.

This was a wonderful surprise. I hadn't seen my childhood friend, Clare, since I left high school. She just happened to be in the store.

This is a signing in my hometown of Rigby, Idaho. I'm sitting at the table with my sister, Jo.

Signing books for some fans.

I'm with my nephew, Jeff. My brother, Steve, is hiding behind him.

This is Laura and Donna, some very good friends I used to chum around with when I lived in Idaho.

Standing in front of the Idaho Drug in Rigby is my husband, Bruce; me; my sister-in-law, Tonya; and my brother, Steve.

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