Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Forgotten Warrior

Click here to read a review of my book in the Mormon Times section of The Deseret News.

Here's one of the many fan letters I've received about this book:

Dear sister Peterson,

My name is -------. I am a 16 year old girl from Meridian, Idaho. I just wanted to thank you for writing the Forgotten Warrior. It has become one of my favorite books. i loved it so much that i read it in one day. i really hope the sequel comes out soon so i can find out what happens to Tarik.

thanks again.

Your devoted reader and biggest fan

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Check out this new interview Linda Weaver Clark had with me recently.

Linda Weaver Clark


  1. When is the second one coming out?

    I loved the first and can't wait to find out what happens with Tarik and Syd.
    I hope they end up together! It'll be so sad if they don't.

  2. Please release book 2! I love this book so much. I feel like I'm in the book with them!

  3. I was wondering if the 2nd book to Forgotten Warrior was going to be released. I have check back from time to time in hopes there is a sequel, are you any further? I love your books. Thanks.

    1. Nicole,
      I'm so happy you asked. I may have some news very shortly about a release date for the sequel. Please stay tuned.

    2. WHEN is the sequel coming out!!!!?????? I do not usually read, but I love this book!!

    3. WHEN is the 2nd book coming out!!!??? I don't usually read, but I love this book!!!

  4. Your book sucked me in and I had a very difficult time putting it down to go to bed. Thanks for such a vivid and fun story. I'm really looking forward to the sequel!



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