Monday, February 22, 2010

Yes, I'm a Trekkie

I have a confession to make. This weekend I realized I’ve kept this secret far to long, and now I need to fess up. I’m a trekkie. Not a trekkie who goes to conventions and dresses up, but a trekkie who watches everything Star Trek. There, now I feel better.

When I was young, my brother was really into the TV series Star Trek. Since there was only one TV in the house, I pretty much had to watch it, so he would let me watch my shows. Secretly, I liked Star Trek. Over the years I’ve seen the series at least three times.

This last weekend my daughter wasn’t feeling well and whenever someone is ill we have a movie marathon. She picked all the Star Trek movies. So Saturday night we started with the very first Star Trek movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Okay, I have another confession, this is my least favorite. I’d forgotten why until we started watching it, and then I remembered as I watched very long visuals with no dialogue. I wanted the characters in the movie to interact like they had in the TV series. While the visuals were pretty good, the dialogue was disappointing.

The next movie we put in the Blue Ray was The Wrath of Kahn. Years ago when the second Star Trek movie was released I was married and my husband and I had moved our little family to Salt Lake City. We were poor and couldn’t afford a baby sitter, but for our anniversary we splurged and went to the movies. We saw The Wrath of Kahn at the old Broadway Theater. It was fantastic! The characters I’d grown to love were back doing what they do best. As my daughter and I watched this wonderful movie last weekend, we talked about our favorite scenes. In my opinion, Ricardo Montalban has been the best villain. His mere presence on the screen is fascinating. Here’s a scene I think you’ll remember.

The next movie, The Search for Spock, was okay. I mean I enjoyed it, plus Christopher Lloyd played a good villain. But the next favorite movie for my family was Star Trek: The Voyage Home.

As we watched we were quoting our favorite lines. There were so many of them.

The next movie was Star Trek: The Final Frontier. It was a good movie, but not one of my family’s favorites, so because my daughter and I were running out of weekend we decided to skip this one and went straight to Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

As I watched this movie, I realized why we liked it so much. For one thing, it was the last movie with the entire cast. They had aged along with their characters. The villain in this movie was again another favorite actor, Christopher Plummer. He, like Ricardo Montalban, has a very commanding screen presence. Plus, this movie has many twists and turns that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. What a wonderful weekend!

When the new Star Trek movie opened last summer, I was so hopeful it would be good. How in the world would they ever replace the old cast that everyone had grown up with and loved?

For me, the new Star Trek was spot on! They nailed the characters. And the action was through the roof. So, once again, my family anxiously awaits the next Star Trek movie. 

What is your favorite Star Trek movie?


  1. Hi, found your blog by way of Carol's Under the Tiki Hut. Nice to meet another Trekkie. My favorite movie would have to be "Wrath of Kahn." I haven't seen the new Star Trek movies yet. I still enjoy watching the old series. BTW, love your blog.

  2. I think I'm like you-I like them overall but would never dress up and to me the 1st was the weakest one too. I was leery of the relaunch but found it rather enjoyable.

  3. Mason, I'm glad you found my blog. Yeah for the trekkies! The Wrath of Kahn rules. You really should go see the new Star Trek. Like I said, I had my misgivings, but boy, they won me over. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. David, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way about the first movie. Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is going well with your writing. :)

  5. Wahoo! Another Trekkie! I don't do the conventions or costumes either :)

    The even numbered movies are so much better than the odd numbered movies. Very strange. My fave scene is Spock on the bus in San Francisco :)

  6. Jemi, I know the scene you're talking about! Makes me chuckle every time. There are so many scenes in The Voyage Home that are priceless. Long live the trekkies!!!

  7. I confess, I am not a trekkie. Not because I don't care for it but mostly because I've never seen the shows.

  8. L.T., I probably wouldn't be a trekkie if it weren't for my brother. I know you love a good story, so you might want to rent the DVD of the new Star Trek. It's fantastic! What makes it so good are the characters. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Oh I can't believe it? Another trekkie!! I love to have Star Trek Marathons. I also started watching Star trek because my brothers had to watch it after school and we only had one TV. Can you believe it? Only having one TV in the house?

    My favorite Star Trek Movies:
    Old cast...Wrath of Kahn,The Voyage Home
    New Generation...I love First Contact. The Borg fascinate me!

    I just love the new Star Trek movie!

    How great that we will have something fun to talk about, besides books, when we see each other again.

    Great post today Kathi!!

  10. Sheila: I didn't go into Star Trek the Next Generation because...yes I love them and I would need another post on just them. Patrick Stewart as Jon Luke was fantastic! And Data, the other Spock, awesome! The next Star Trek marathon will have to be the Next Generation movies! Thanks for stopping by! :)



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