Monday, February 15, 2010

Hunting for a Healthy Body

I'm on the hunt for that healthy, slim body I use to have. I lost it somewhere between my kids graduating from high school and my becoming a grandma. That healthy trim bod that had no trouble standing up from the floor and walking two miles left behind this tired old lady. Well, I'm tired of her. I know what I have to do to get her back, but here's the deal...I hate to exercise.

I know it is good for me. I know I need to do it, so I do, but I hate exercise. Another thing I hate is dieting, or rather eating foods that are good for me (a friend of mine told me to say to myself 'I choose to eat yogurt instead of a chocolate bar,' yeah right.). Fruit is okay, mainly because it is usually sweet, but vegetables. I've never met a vegetable that I'm fond of unless it is slathered in butter with a good dash of salt. Call me crazy, but why couldn't there be something nutrious about say...cinnamon rolls or chocolate. I do think they have found that dark chocolate is good for you. So--when are they going to find that pastries have a slimming effect on the thighs? Okay, probably never, but I can always dream. 

Now that I have that out of my system, I'm good to face what has to be done. I thought I would do muscle stretching exercises Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and on Tuesday and Thursdays walk. So I started last Monday with the stretching exercises. Oh my stars! I found muscles I'd forgotten I had. Could hardly sit down Tuesday, but I walked. Stretched again Wednesday. More stiffness and aching muscles Thursday. Friday morning I was so tempted to skip the whole routine, but I pushed through and exercised again. I was feeling pretty proud of myself by Saturday. I'd watched my diet. Only had one indulgence of sweets once a day and had lost three pounds. Yes! And then Valentines Day hit.

Last night I looked at my kitchen: chocolate cupcakes leftover from church, a box of Sees chocolates, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate dipped strawberries and grapes, and my husband was making chocolate chip cookies (a Sunday tradition). Talk about temptation. And sadly, I did partake. Duh! Valentines comes once a year, and I've been told there are no calories on that day. But sounder reasoning finally found me, and my day of indulgence is over.

Today I'm back on the trail hunting for that healthy I see more exercise in my future along with a large side order of vegetables. I know I can do this, but if you have some tips that will spur me on to victory, I'd really appreciate your sharing them.  :0)


  1. Way to go, Kathi! My husband and I just signed up to It's a free website that has all kinds of great tips and counts your calories for you, plus analyzes your nutrition. He's lost 6 lbs. in 3 weeks. I've lost 2. (I'm a slow loser obvoiously) But the best thing about it is that it is so user friendly. Anyway, that's my tip. Let me know if you sign up!

  2. Good luck - I'm on the same search - and it's not easy!!! Keep at it :)

  3. Karen, thank you for the tip. I read it to my husband, who is also trying to lose weight. We'll check it out!

  4. Thanks, Jemi! I'm so hopeful I can get in a swimming suit this year and not feel as though I need to hide. Maybe I ought to look for a scuba diving wet suit. ;)

  5. Good luck with that, Kathi. It's a chore for all of us.



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