Monday, January 4, 2010

Forever Strong in the New Year

On Sunday evenings my family usually plays a game and/or watches a movie together. We did both last night. After the game we decided to watch the movie Forever Strong. I'd bought it for Christmas. We always stock up on DVDs at Christmastime. This was the last of our new batch of films. Did we save the best for last? It certainly ranks in the top five. I don't know if you've seen it, but I highly recommend the movie especially if you have troubled youth in your home. The film was based on factual events and was shot in Utah (yeah). The story is about a troubled teen who finds himself sent to a correctional facility in Utah. The boy has a passion for the game of rugby. A counselor there realized this and was able to get the coach of Highland High's team to give the boy a chance to play. Here's the trailor for the movie.

The film was actually shot with Larry Gelwix, the real coach of the Highland team, in mind. He's quite internationally know for he has coached a winning rugby team for over 33 years.

Something I found quite fascinating was the Haka that his rugby team does before important games. I found this wonderful interview with Coach Gelwix where he talks about the Haka and why they do it.

Here's the Haka performed at the end of the movie:

So why have I gone on and on about this movie and the Haka? I have no material or financial interest in the film or story and freely blogged about. But here's the deal, we're facing a brand new year, new challenges and new opportunities. It probably wouldn't hurt for us to do a Haka to move forward and have a winning year!
Go for your dreams, do your best and you'll be a success. And no matter what be forever strong.


  1. There's a scene in that movie that always makes me cry. A great, great movie.
    Here's to your new year. Haka on!

  2. It's hard not to cry during certain scenes of that movie. Yes, Haka on!!!



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