Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review - An Echo in the Darkness

Last week I reviewed Francine Rivers book, A Voice in the Wind, which is the first book in her Mark of the Lion trilogy. As promised here is a review of the second book, An Echo in the Darkness.

This book picks up where the first one left off. And true to Rivers’ style it is full of wonderful scenes. Let me show you the opening sentence of the prologue: “Alexander Democedes Amandinus stood at the Door of Death waiting for the chance to learn more about life.” Okay if that wasn’t enough to pull you into the book take a look at the first two sentences of chapter one: “Marcus Lucianus Valerian walked through a maze of streets in the Eternal City, hoping to find a sanctuary of peace within himself. He couldn’t.” Just like book one, this second book from the very beginning engages the reader to know more.

Though this is the second book in the trilogy, you can still read it without reading the first book and yet know what is going on. Rivers is a genius at layering her work with "need to know" information while progressing the current story. But I think once you read An Echo in the Darkness, you'll go back to read the first book hungry to read more of this wonderful story.

For the last couple of Wednesdays I’ve been writing about putting feeling and emotion into your books. This book is packed with emotions that peel the characters feelings back to reveal their very souls. In An Echo in the Darkness we continue to follow Hadassah as she overcomes incredible odds to put her life back together after nearly dying. We also follow Marcus Valerian as he comes to terms over religion and losing Hadassah. He walks the streets of Jerusalem, going there in hopes of understanding Hadassah’s God and why she believed so strongly in a man she called her Savior.

Though it has been several years since I read this book, scenes from it cling to me: the scene of Marcus’s mother converting to Christianity, the scenes of his sister’s betrayal, scenes of Hadassah forgiving those who scarred her life, and, of course, the romantic scenes. You need to read the book and enjoy the story page by masterfully-written page.

I didn’t think Rivers could top book one, but I was mistaken. An Echo in the Darkness far exceeded my expectations, and I think it will exceed yours as well.

( Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., published this book. I purchased my copy and freely give this review having now financial interests in it’s success.)


  1. Ooh. I really want to read this series!

  2. I hope you do. It has been re-released. The covers are beautiful, but not as fantastic as the stories inside. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds fascinating, Kathi. Thanks for blogging about it.



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