Monday, December 14, 2009

Part of What I Love About Christmas

Today it is twelve days before Christmas. Am I ready for the holiday? Yes and no. Let me explain. Part of what I love about Christmas is getting together with family and friends, making Christmas goodies, decorating the house, singing Christmas carols and shopping. So, yes, I'm ready to do all of that. Am I ready for the holiday to be tomorrow? No. Still have presents to buy, a house to clean, and presents that need to be mailed. Will I be ready in twelve days? I don't know, but ready or not Christmas will come. Part of the joy of the season is the journey toward the holiday. Last weekend was part of that joy. Saturday I attended a party with my writers critique group. Not everyone was there, they were sorely missed, but for those of us who could attend we had a good time catching up with each other.

(Back row: Dorothy, Kathleen, Roseann, Kerri. Front row: me, Michele, Charlene, Tina, Brenda and Maureen.)

We have our party at the country club where Dorothy has a membership. Kathleen sent this photo and mentioned how appropriate it was that we were standing under books. I had to leave the party early because I had a signing in Centerville.

My signing was at the Seagull Book Store. People were coming and going the entire time I was there. I was fortunate to meet Michael Weaver. He has a new Christmas book this year titled The Apology. I'll post an interview with him in a few days so you can become more familiar with him and his book. I also had a couple of people who told me that they had read my Christmas book and loved it. What a thrill! In fact, as I was telling a man about my book a lady I didn't know stopped and told him to buy my book because she loved it. After she left, he asked me if I knew the woman. I'd never seen her before. Wow! That was one of those moments a writer lives for.

During this busy weekend my daughter, Tricia, and I made sugar cookies. These cookies have long been a tradition in our family. This year Tricia did most of the work. After the cookies were baked, we popped them in the freezer to frost next weekend. Then we turned our attention on my dog, Lizzie. I had bought her a little Santa hat and whiskers. I don't know. It might just be me, but I don't think she looks all that excited about the holidays.

For me all the fuss, running around, parties, and family are part of what I love about Christmas. Please tell me what you love about the season.

Here's another angel entry for my Angel in Your Life Contest. The deadline is tomorrow, so please send in your entries.

My experience is different than the rest of the stories you will no doubt hear. I don't know who my angel is. Let me share my story.Last year, my sweet husband suffered a pretty severe hand injury at work. He was out of work for about four months. When it came time to start looking for work again it was October and we needed a job fast. The holidays are always a hard time to be looking for work. My husband found a job.... We lived in ... at the time so it was not that big of a commute. The company paid all right for a while, but in December the paychecks started to dwindle. We wanted to see family in ... City that year. We had hardly any money for Christmas gifts let alone gas for the trip. About a week before we were to leave, my sister-in-law called. She said some folks in her ward had left her family some gifts and some money on her doorstep. She told us they didn't really need the money and that they could give the money to us for gas. It was fifty dollars! I thanked her immediately and her husband dropped off the money a couple of days later when they were in town. And then to my surprise, the next morning someone in our ward had left many packages in our yard for Christmas. I think I had purchased one or two items that year for my kids! I didn't even need to go Christmas shopping. The packages contained brand new clothes, gift cards, and all the trimming for a wonderful Christmas meal. I think there was even a turkey involved! To this day I have no idea who helped us with Christmas that year but I do know one thing, that God loves us. Sometimes he sends his angels in small packages, sometimes in large ones. Sometimes it is just a new friend, sometimes a bit more. So I guess I know who one of my angels is. The woman who shared some of her Christmas with us, .... I am very grateful for the angels in my life, known and unknown, because it has helped strengthen my testimony in many ways.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

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