Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Bits and Pieces of My Life

Wow! It’s finally in stores. My book…my little Christmas book, An Angel on Main Street. I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it. But, you see, this is a story that has so much of my unwritten past hidden within.

My father owned a Firestone Store, but worked part-time for the police department. At night he would make rounds, checking doors to make sure everyone locked up. Sometimes he would let me go with him. I knew all the police officers very well. Many times when they would meet me on the street they would give me a nickel so I could buy an orange soda at the Idaho Drug Store. I knew the officers cared about me and my family. It was very easy to write about a sheriff in a small fictional town. I had my father and the other officers to mold into the sheriff in my book. (In this 1950s picture from right to left is the Idaho Drug Store, Jeppson's Hardware Store, and my father's Firestone Store. I'm uncertain about the others.)

Two thriving movie theaters were in town. And it cost kids under the age of twelve a quarter to go to the show. Adults were a whopping sixty cents! Can’t imagine those prices today, can you? Going to the movies was a weekly event for many people. And, of course, before going to the show people would visit the café. Thus, I created the fictional Pharaoh Theater as well as the fictional Kora’s Kountry Kitchen.

When I was five years old my mother had a life-threatening heart attack. I remember the day very well.

My mother was shampooing my hair for a dance recital that evening. All at once, she quit, leaving me standing with wet, soapy hair dripping in the sink. I couldn’t understand why she would leave me in such a situation. I cried out for her to come back. My grandmother happened to be staying with us. She came in and finished the job, telling me to hush up because my mother wasn’t feeling well. I was so afraid Mom would die. I remember watching my father carry Mom down many apartment steps to the street below and the car waiting to take her to the hospital. She stayed there for many weeks. When Mom finally came home, she told us of a spiritual experience she had that made her realize there really was life after death. What happened to her is a very touching story to our family, so I hope you understand why I don’t share it now. However, her experience was similar to the one my protagonist, Micah Connors, in An Angel on Main Street goes through. (In the picture is me and my older sister, Jo, in front of Dad's store.)

So maybe now you will understand why I am excited that this Christmas book is finally in print and in book stores, for it has little bits and pieces of my life within its pages.

This Friday night I will sign books at the Seagull Book in Logan, Utah between 6:30-8:30. I love going to that store! The manager and staff are so helpful and nice, plus I have the opportunity to meet their wonderful customers.

Then Saturday, I will return to Rigby, Idaho to have a signing at the Idaho Drug Store between 12:00 and 4:00. One of my fans last spring suggested that I have a signing there. I loved the idea especially for this Christmas book and especially because Rigby is my hometown. I hope if you’re in the area you’ll stop by and celebrate with me.

I made a book trailer of An Angel on Main Street. It's a bit squished in the sidebar, so I placed it here also.



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