Monday, October 12, 2009

Apples, Apples, Apples

Holy mackenaw! I have bushels and bushels of apples. For some reason this year our apple tree decided to give us a bumper crop. I've been looking at recipes for applesauce, apple pie filling and apple butter. I canned 24 bottles of applesauce Saturday. Some time this week I'm going to do apple pie filling. Is there something else you can do with apples other than just haul off and take a bite? And I'd love to know the secret to storing apples over the winter. A root cellar is out. I remember the root cellar my folks had. Scary!!! There were all sorts of spiders and I know there had to be some snakes down there I just never saw one. Okay so I'm grown up now, but still I have residual fears of climbing down into a root cellar.

With bushels of apples around me and searching for applesauce recipes I thought of the old movie Baby Boom. So I searched youtube and found a wonderful clip from the movie that shows the applesauce, that wonderful kiss with Sam Shephard, and more applesauce. I wonder if my new grandson would pose for a picture for a label on my applesauce jars. Hmmm.

If anyone has a great apple pie filling recipe you want to share, please send it along.


  1. You sound just like me--with a tree FULL of apples, and yes, I LOVE that movie Baby Boom. I always do a few apple crisp and pies, but no way does that use enough apples. Applesauce is great, but incredibly time consuming to cut and peel for hours and then a huge pot boils down to 4 quarts! But what else is there? Give them away?

    Ours are red delicious, and surprisingly worm and earwig-free this year, but red delicious don't store well. I guess I could sell them at a farmers market? But then I would have to get a booth, and do all that, and it sounds like too much trouble. I'll probably just cut apples endlessly and can the applesauce. In fact that's what I should be doing now instead of reading blogs.

  2. An apple sister!!! Boy do I hear you. I don't know what kind of apple tree we have. It's not red delicious. I know that. I need to be canning right now, too. There's always least for a while before the apples go bad. :)

  3. I WISH I had an apple tree... and a climate that would support it:) My favorite desserts are of the apple variety. I am hard-pressed to decide between apple pie and apple crisp. Mmm. My grandma used to make apple butter, and she would can a few jars just for me, in which she dissolved some cinnamon imperials (red hot candies). It made the apple butter a lovely reddish-pink color, and I loved the red-hot cinnamon flavor. I wish I had a good apple pie filling recipe for you, but I just make fresh, since we don't have the apple tree... or I swipe a jar from my mom, who does:)

  4. Victoria: Your grandmother's apple butter sounds wonderful. I'll have to give it a try. Wish I could sent you some of my apples.



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