Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventures with Fruit Punch and Magic Bread...

Saturday afternoon I attended my daughter, Kristina's, baby shower. This is her second child, but it's been seven years since she had her first, so she's pretty much starting over collecting baby gear. Her mother-in-law, Sheri, threw the shower at her home. I helped with refreshments and my daughter, Tricia, was in charge of the games. I was to bring appetizers and the drink.

Most of the time my idea of bringing the "drink" is buying pop, but for this I wanted to do something special, so I pulled out my Lion House Cookbook and made their Fruit Punch with Sherbet recipe. The first few ingredients should be stirred together and put it in the fridge over night. Since I didn't have a bowl big enough I put it in my punch bowl. Made sense to me.

The next day I added the sherbet and ginger ale. It was beautiful and so tasty. Yummo! Back in the fridge it went until time to take it to the party. To transport it to the shower, I asked my husband to drive me there while I held the punch bowl, which was full. No problem, right?

Wrong. I really didn't realize how very cold the punch bowl was until I was stuck in the car holding it. You're thinking, why not put it on the floor? Well, I didn't want to set it on the floor cause I knew it would slosh over and if I held it I could give it leverage going over bumps. We had gone maybe a block when I adjusted my hold. The punch bowl slipped've got it, I spilled punch all over my lap, my purse, the camera and the seat of our new car.

Not funny! However, I know my husband thought it hilarious, though he did try to hide his laughter by mustering up a concerned look in between chuckles and asking me what he could do to help. Fortunately, there was a towel in the trunk of the car and most of the punch was still in the bowl so it could have been a lot worse, I suppose. Onward we went. I delivered the punch and rushed home to change and wash off. Everyone loved the drink and no one except Sheri and Tricia knew of my near disaster. Which makes me think of last Monday morning.

I have been searching most of my adult life for a wheat bread recipe my husband would like. I found yet another recipe to try on a blog. I thought I was all ready to go until I came to adding the cracked wheat. I thought I had some in the pantry, but couldn't find it. I dashed downstairs to grind some, but I couldn't find my wheat grinder. Someone had moved it. It's pretty heavy, let me tell you, and as I was lifting it to the table where I could use it, I heard someone turning on the outdoor water faucet. I was the only one home, so I was more than a little curious what was going on. I dashed upstairs, opened the front door to find a fellow from the Jordan Water Department. He said he was testing the water, which was fine. I hurried back to grind my wheat, thinking I'd surely blown it and that my bread would be ruined. But despite my detours, the bread turned out great! I was shocked. And it was easy! If you like to make bread and save money (the author of the blog says she can make three loaves of bread for fifty-five cents) go to this wonderful blog site called The Welcome Matt ( Scroll down until you see the golden loaves of bread in the sidebar. Click on the bread and then scroll down until you find the recipe. It is well worth your time. Look at my beautiful loaves. I'm going to try her Butter Rolls next.
So that's my adventures with fruit punch and magic bread. Both turned out. I guess the moral of these two little stories could be...punch in the lap doesn't spoil the bowl, or the path to making good bread is in the detours, or...good punch and delicious bread are worth the trips.


  1. Kathi... too, too funny about the punch. Sorry to laugh, but you probably read my post about the chocolate ganache cakes in my rental car. I am notorious for having food spill in my car on the way to an event:) But driving with punch... hahahaha!!! I am so glad you like the bread recipe. I keep thinking I should try out some new ones... but this makes such good bread for sandwiches, I just have to keep sticking with this one:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! Yeah, the punch in my lap was pretty funny. I have to admit I was laughing with my husband as I crawled out of the car. Made quite the sight. And, I've already had three slices of bread. Whole wheat doesn't go straight to the thighs, right?

  3. That wheat bread is really some of the best I've ever had, store bought or not!



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