Monday, August 10, 2009

Youth Conference in Logan

Last Thursday at a Youth Conference in Logan, Utah, I spoke about two of my favorite subjects: the stripling warriors and my book, The Forgotten Warrior. Of course, the focus of my talk was those noble young men who followed Captain Helaman into battle.

We talked about ten character traits of the stripling warriors. Helaman's sons were healthy, smart, loyal, determined, exemplary, patriotic, obedient, courageous, faithful, and they had integrity. For each character trait I gave a case scenario using a contemporary fictional story with two possible endings. I chose a youth for each trait from the audience, who had to chose the ending for the scenario. If they gave the right answer they put on a karate belt. I'm proud to say all ten of the volunteers chose wisely. What good sports!!! The audience was fantastic, especially since midway through my talk the air conditioning quit. I was followed by David Osmond, who sang and spoke to the youth. Yes, David was the Osmond on American Idol last spring.

Below are a few pictures of the conference. I'm also including a video clip of David on ET.


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