Monday, August 24, 2009

Oram Family Reunion

I love family reunions. The Oram family gets together every other year, plays games, cooks dutch oven dinners, and talks around the campfire. This year our gathering place was Bryce Canyon. We camped near Pine Lake.

My husband, son, daughter and I stayed in a tent. My married daughter and her husband were in a camp trailer (smart move). I'm not a big fan of camping, but I love to be with my family, so I toughed it out. However, we arrived to the site in the pouring rain. I'm very grateful that my daughter, Tricia, and son, Ben, went a day early and set up the tent and cooking pavilion.

Bud, my brother, was in charge and had delegated the reunion to his son, Brad, so of course, Rochelle, Brad's wife, did much of the work. The first night they had a fantastic dutch oven dinner of scones, chicken tenders, salads and three different cobblers. I really think Rochelle is the dutch oven queen of our family. It rained and rained. But we had rain coats and Brad had set up several pavilions to keep us as dry as he could. Despite the damp weather, we didn't go to bed until after 11:00. There's nothing like tumbling into a sleeping bag in the middle of the night with the patter of rain on the tent roof. (Below is a picture of my brother, Bud, Me and our dogs: Buttons and Lizzie)
We awakened the next morning to sunshine. Whew! Several people went fishing. In the afternoon, we had the Oram Olympics. Each family squared off (five families). There were some pretty competitive events: horseshoes, hoola-hoops, water-balloon toss, word search, and the ever competitive licorice passing with your toes. We laughed so hard it was difficult to keep the licorice moving.

Saturday we toured Bryce Canyon. One word describes it...breathtaking!

That night was the big event of the Olympic competition...the dutch oven cook off. Several dishes were in the competition: pork chops and stuffing, shrimp jumbalaya, chili, pot roast, baked ham, potato casserole, three-bean stew, and moose-kisses. The winner didn't even enter the main competition. We voted Rochelle as the winner for cooking in the dutch ovens for almost every meal. (She made the most awesome cream-cheese French Toast for breakfast).

We had a blast. Rochelle passed the buck of our next reunion to my brother, Bill. Can hardly wait.

Below are more pictures. Enjoy!

See you in 2011...

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