Friday, July 31, 2009

Karate and My Son

As some of you may know in my book, The Forgotten Warrior, Syd the sixteen-year-old protagonist had a black belt in karate. My son, Ben, was instrumental in helping me write the fight scenes for that book, the sequel, and all my books for that matter.

Karate has always fascinated me. But I had no idea of the wonderful benefits that accompanied learning this skill until Ben started on the path of earning his black belt.
When he first started karate he was in middle school. I was working for an accounting firm at the time, and I was forever getting calls from the school about Ben getting in fights. I was confused by this for at home Ben was always the quiet one. After talking with him, my husband and I decided our son needed to learn to defend himself. So we started him at Tony Martinez's West Wind Karate School. Almost immediately calls from the middle school stopped, which was a great relief, but most importantly my son's confidence began to grow exponentially. Learning the art of karate was more than learning to defend himself, it was about learning discipline and respect for others. To pass a belt test students not only had to know punches and katas but they were required to read books on self improvement and write reports. They were also required to be of service to others.
My son is no longer that gangly teenager. I've watched Ben grow into a man who I am very proud of. On July 18th he earned his second degree black belt at the Black Belt Extravaganza. He was one of over 16 black belts participating that evening. What a show!!!
Below are pictures taken at the Extravaganza. Enjoy!

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