Monday, June 1, 2009

Ximon, the Great Dane

If you've read my book, The Forgotten Warrior, you have become familiar with Ximon, the harlequin Great Dane. When I first wrote the dog into my book, some writers in my critique group questioned if there was such a dog as a black and white Great Dane. They thought I meant a Dalmatian. Dalmatians are fine dogs, but I knew this story needed a large dog. I wanted a dog that was bigger than life and could become a mythical hero.

This is Ximon's introduction in my book. This scene happens as Syd is crying and sitting on the lawn outside of the hospital.

"...I sensed someone watching me. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed what I at first thought was a white angel hovering close to my shoulder. I had prayed for help, but I never expected this. Then the shape moved closer. A large, wet nose nudged my cheek.

I didn't know what exactly was standing beside me, but it was no angel. Fear charged through me, and I lunged to get away. A huge shape blocked my attempt to flee--a massive black-and-white shape. It licked my cheek with unabashed friendliness. I looked up to find a black and white Great Dane standing over me."

Thus Ximon came into being. I loved writing his character. He became more than just a dog, he became an anchor for Sydney, a friend, and a link to home. He plays an even bigger role in the sequel. I can hardly wait for my fans to read it. Some believe Ximon to be symbolic and that he is more than just a dog. But, aren't they all?

Dogs add so much to our lives. They are confidants, family members and beloved friends. We turn to them when we're sick, when we grieve, and when we just need a listening ear. They take us on walks to keep us healthy and perform heroic acts by saving lives and protecting their loved ones.
Please let me know of dogs who have been heroes in your life. I'd love to hear your story.
I found these wonderful videos of dogs that are heroes.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the Great Dane. I didn't notice if you mentioned it, but the black and white Great Danes are known as Harlequins.

    Touching videos on the dog heroes, too. Where would we be without our pooches? :)

  2. I don't know what I'd do without my little pooch. Dogs become part of the family. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. Thanks for passing on the info about Harlequin Great Danes. And yes, I did know that was what they were called, but I'm so glad you brought it up. Never hurts to ask. It's such an awesome name for very striking dogs. Thanks, Cindy.

  3. Such a huge beautiful dog. I like dogs, though I have a soft spot for the small ones. We had a Terrier when I grew up. Then my brother got a Shih Tzu after she passed away, and he became the new baby of the family. So, I like dogs that I can cuddle. It's kind of hard to cuddle a Great Dane, but you sure would feel protected!

  4. I love Ximon! He defiantly is a hero.



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