Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Winner of the Latter-day Stripling Warrior Contest

Since the release of my book, The Forgotten Warrior, I've been holding the Latter-day Stripling Warrior Contest. Youth were nominated between the ages of eight to eighteen on entry forms found at my website or signings. On the form I asked what deed or deeds of kindness the nominee had performed. I received forms from Idaho and Utah. The deadline was April 15th.

The date came and went. I've read and re-read the nominations. We have some awesome youth doing deeds of kindness all around us. I'd like to share some with you.

A Latter-day Stripling Warrior in Morgan, Utah is a strong support for his friends, always choosing the right. A Warrior in Kuna, Idaho always finds ways to serve others and focuses on the little things. He fights for the right and is about to earn his Eagle award. He always thinks of others. One Warrior in Rigby, Idaho made a special effort to include a friend at school. This changed the friend's life and made him feel part of the crowd. A Warrior from Hyde Park, Utah has a great love for his family and helps his grandma whenever she needs him. From Odgen, Utah a Warrior has a sweet personality and gives service to those she sees in need. In Syracuse, Utah a Warrior helped her mother when she was expecting a baby. After the baby arrived she helped her mother by cooking, cleaning and doing whatever she could to help out...she even changed the baby's diapers. From Tooele, Utah a Latter-day Stripling Warrior is the oldest of six and helps care for her younger siblings while serving on the student council of her junior high. She even teaches violin and sews her own clothes.
These are but a few of the wonderful nominees I've read. Little acts of kindness go a long way in this world.

Four entries especially stood out, and I'd like to share their stories.

1) This Latter-day Stripling Warrior consistently makes righteous choices and sets an example for the family of how to follow Christ. One day when at the store the Warrior saw a little girl near a vending machine. She didn't have any money, so the Warrior gave a quarter to the girl. The look on the little one's face was priceless.

2) Another Latter-day Stripling Warrior organized a Sub for Santa. Choosing two families in need, this Warrior got the ward to donate gifts. After wrapping all the presents, the Warrior anonymously delivered the gifts on Christmas Eve.

3) This Latter-day Stripling Warrior is not only a peacemaker in the home, but strives daily to live and share the gospel. A noble service this particular Warrior performs is babysitting for free at 5:30 a.m. for a neighbor, who is a marathon runner. This neighbor's husband is serving in Iraq. In an effort to help, this Warrior sits the neighbor's children so the mom can keep up with her training.

4) Even small acts of kindess can touch the heart as this Latter-day Stripling Warrior did. In this warrior's stake is a nursing home. Each month one ward in the stake takes turns helping with the sacrament meeting. The person who nominated this warrior happened to be a speaker and so witnessed first-hand what happened during the passing of the sacrament ....Many of the people there are old and have a hard time in the meeting. This one little lady there was in a wheelchair with her head bent. When John passed the bread to her, at first she did not respond. Then John gently tapped her and she looked up and tried to take the bread. She could not lift the bread to her mouth. John took her arm, ever so gently, and lifted it up so she could eat the bread. John did the same with the water. This was so touching to me; it brought tears to my eyes. There were people that worked there that could have come and helped, but John did not wait. He showed the dear lady such compassion....

How can I choose between all these wonderful entries? But choose I must.

The winner of The Latter-day Stripling Warrior contest is Brian Harris. He receives a $50.00 gift certificate from

All nominess will receive a Latter-day Stripling Warrior certificate signed by me and three of the characters in The Forgotten Warrior. They are Sydney Morgan, the protagonist; Tarik, a stripling warrior; and Ximon, the Great Dane who traveled back in time with Sydney.

Thanks to every one who sent in an entry!

Please post a comment about Latter-day Stripling Warriors you know. I'd love to hear their stories.

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