Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obedient-Seventh Stripling Warrior Character Trait Continued

Monday we started the discussion about obedience being the seventh Stripling Warrior character trait. Today I'll give you a simple fictional story that I shared with my Young Women class a little while ago. They were very quiet as I read this to them.

Fictional Case Scenario
Selena loved her life. She was the president of the drill team, she had good friends who had the same values as she did, and she had a dreamy boyfriend, Troy. Many times her father had counseled her to not single date and she hadn’t. She always made certain that she and Troy were with another couple. Her father also advised Selena to not kiss on the lips. But she'd seen young couples kissing on the lips on T.V. Dad was just old fashioned. Selana thought that kissing on the lips was okay as long as she and Troy were with another couple. Besides a kiss good night, a kiss when her drill team had performed really well, a kiss in congratulations ... what was the harm in that? Dad just didn’t understand.
On prom night after Troy had picked Selena up, he told her the other couple, whom they’d planned to go with, cancelled. They were on their own.
What should Selena do?

Possible Endings

Selena was tempted to just go without another couple. She liked being alone with Troy. They could talk and kiss without worry over the other couple interrupting. One thing could lead to another and the kissing would be soooo good.
But then there would be no reason to stop at just kissing. She loved Troy and knew he was the one for her. Her father had warned her that in such situations passion could be stronger than reason. Was he right? Could emotion drive her to do something she would regret? Selena knew her father loved her and only had her well-being in mind. Hmmm. Choosing to be obedient, Selena went back into the house and called another couple to go with them.
At the end of their date when Troy was on Selena’s doorstep wanting to give her a good night kiss, she once again thought of her father. She’d nearly made a big mistake tonight in not double dating, maybe her father was right about the casual kissing, too. Maybe kissing should be saved for that special person. It might very well be Troy, but it might not. She decided to give him a kiss on the cheek, a friendly hug and go in.

Selena went with Troy alone. One thing led to another and before the night was over, Selena had done something she thought she would only do with her husband after they were married. Guilt and remorse flooded her. And another worry nagged at her mind. What if she became pregnant? She wouldn’t be able to attend college; she wouldn’t be able to go out for a good time with her friends because she would have a child that would need and deserve her attention.

My Young Women's class picked ending 1. It is my hope that when faced with a similar situation in real life that they will be prepared to make the right choice. I found this picture of some Young Women meeting President Hinckley. Talk about someone who was obedient to all of God's laws. He led an exemplary life and made the right choices.

Isn't that what life is about...the choices we make?

Maybe you have a different ending for this fictional story. Feel free to share.

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