Monday, March 2, 2009

Obedient-Seventh Stripling Warrior Character Trait

“Yea, and they [the stripling warriors] did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.”
Alma 57:21

The above scripture from the Book of Mormon is talking about the stripling warriors and how they were obedient to all of God’s laws. They listened to that “still small voice” that whispered to them to fight in the place of their fathers. They stepped forward being inspired by not only Captain Helaman, but also by being prompted by the holy spirit.

Are we obedient and step forward when we need to? Do we listen to prompting sent to us from the Lord? Obedience is something we all struggle with, especially when it comes to living as we know the Lord would want us to.

Last Tuesday I had the privilege of giving a lecture at the University of Utah Institute. I told the students about the Stripling Warrior character traits they could apply in their lives. I asked them, are you obedient and follow the counsel of your leaders in the clothes you wear? the entertainment you seek? the music you listen too? the language you speak? And are you being obedient when it comes to morality?
I showed them this picture of a young couple on a date. The quality of the picture was grainy, but I told them I liked the picture because the youth were modestly dressed, the boy doesn’t have his hands on the girl and look where he’s kissing her…on the cheek. As you can imagine the students laughed over this concept. I must admit that I chuckled a little, too. A kiss on the cheek in college must seem so old-fashioned and out of date in a world where they are flooded daily with words and images that promote sexual promiscuity. My goal was to make them think. I hope they realized that though they are adults being morally clean is still very important.

I’d really like to know your thoughts on morality in our society today. Our youth are tempted more now than ever before. What can we do to help our youth and society in general live clean, moral lives? Or is it a lost cause?


  1. Obedience to what one believes is becoming a lost art. To hold to a faith, a value, a cause, unwaiveringly and with conviction is something American's used to value as much as their lives. Now it seems this character trait is a conservative trait, unpopular and behind the times...which is a crock. It is how God is and how each of us can learn to be, one value, moral, faith at a time.

  2. A very thought provoking comment. Don't you think it's up to all of us, liberal and conservative alike, to bring back clean living, moral values and faith? I do, and I think there is great hope in our youth.

  3. I absolutely loved your book! I am so addicted! But, I really want to know how it ends. Can we preorder the next book, please, please, please!!



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