Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Integrity-Tenth Stripling Warrior Character Trait Continued...

I know we have many youth with great integrity. Sometimes though, they are tempted to make an unwise decision that can test their resolve to choose the right. The following story shows how easily integrity can be tested.

Fictional Case Scenario:
Luke looked over at his chess opponent. In two moves he’d have him in checkmate, and Luke would become South Fremont’s chess champion, an honor his family took great pride in. Playing chess in high school was a family tradition.
Luke’s older brother had been chess champion. Even Luke’s father had been chess champion. And soon, Luke’s name would be added to theirs, upholding his families’ honor.

As Luke moved his rook to king’s rook four, he let go for only a second and then instantly realized the mistake he’d made. If he left his rook there his opponent’s queen would take him. He quickly put his finger back on the rook. No one seemed to have noticed that he’d released the piece.
If Luke told, he might lose the game, and in his eyes, bring dishonor to his family.
If he didn’t tell, the only dishonor would be to himself.
What should he do?

Possible Endings
Luke confessed his error. His opponent’s queen captured Luke’s rook and he lost the game. But instead of Luke’s father and brother giving him a bad time, they told him job well done.
Luke continued to play as if nothing had happened. He won the game in just two moves. After Luke accepted the trophy, his entire family went out to dinner to celebrate.
Later, when Luke set the trophy in the living room, he could hardly look at it. Every time he did he was reminded that he had cheated.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation that tests your honesty and integrity, tell the truth. Though you might find it hard to do and there may be consequences, in the long run you will be glad you were honest.

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