Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Faithful-Ninth Stripling Warrior Character Trait Case Scenario

Monday I promised a case scenario regarding the ninth stripling warrior character trait, faithful. Let's just dive right in.

Fictional Case Scenario:

Emma glanced down on the stack of books she’d collected for each of her college classes. She’d only searched for ones that were used, yet readable, but as she tallied up the cost, her heart sank. How was she going to pay for them? She had a scholarship that paid for her tuition, and her part-time waitress job paid for her food and lodging, but there was no money for books.
She might barely have enough if she didn’t pay tithing and only ate one meal a day for a while. But her mother had taught her to pay tithing first and things would fall into place. Emma left the stack of books near the cash register and stumbled back to her dorm room.
No way could she call her mom and ask for more money. Her mother barely made enough to pay the rent, let alone Emma’s school books. Her father, who lived in another town with his “new” family, had told her she was wasting her time going to college and that she should concentrate on finding a husband to take care of her.
What should Emma do?

Possible Endings
Emma used her tithing money to buy the books. Only eating one meal a day, she had a hard time concentrating on her lessons. Her grades suffered and she wondered if maybe her father was right.
Emma called her mother, but didn't ask for money. She only wanted her advice. Her mother told Emma to fast and pray and she would, too. But Emma did more than that, she paid her tithing. She had a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, and she felt her Father in Heaven would help her. Emma prayed every morning and night. But she didn’t pray for money, she prayed God would give her an idea of what she should do. Nothing happened, no great revelation. Still she kept praying. Towards the end of the week and just before classes started, Emma was working late one night. After a customer had left, she went to his table to clean it up and there as a humongous tip, which was more than enough to pay for her books.
There could be many endings to this story: some better and some worse. I asked the students at the U of U Institue what they would do. I received many suggestions ranging from finding another job, using a credit card or even selling her blood. All good answers (though the blood thing might be a bit excessive).
What would you do if you found yourself in the same situation as Emma? I'd love to hear your answers.

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