Friday, March 20, 2009

Do You Know A Vampire?

With the Twilight DVD release I know many of you are thinking of vampires. Have you ever thought that you might know a vampire? Okay the likelihood of you actually knowing a "suck-your-blood" vampire is slim to none, but think about the word...vampire. I looked it up in the dictionary. Part of the definition says, one who lives by preying on others. So let me ask again, do you know a vampire?

If you've watched the news you can find many vampires of society. The financial meltdown of our country is due to vampires...people preying on the lives of others: Bernie Madoff, who stole millions from investors; the sharks on wall street; some bankers; and some members of congress. Our society has a vampire problem. And just what is the average person supposed to do? Here's a thought, what if we were to weed out the vampires in our own lives? To weed them out, we need to correctly identify them.

The thing about vampires, they appear normal...kind of. Take Edward, for instance, in Twilight. He was going to school with the rest of the kids. Most of them didn't give him a second thought. Oh, they knew he was "different" but they didn't dwell on him. Then here comes Bella, someone who saw the difference and wanted to know more. In this book, though Edward is a vampire (and remember vampires prey on others), he is the hero. Now that gets your attention. How can a preying vampire be a hero? Easy. He nobly sacrifices for the benefit of others. This is key to identifying the vampires in our lives.

I'm certain you know all sorts of people, the selfish and the noble. The trick is to see them for what they truly are deep inside. Here's some key questions that might help you identify the vampires in your life.

1) Do they constantly talk about themselves?

2) Do they talk about others behind their backs?

3) Do they preach one thing and do another?

4) Are they kind to all of God's creatures?

5) Do they see the good around them?

I'm sure there are many more questions you can add to this list that will help you identify the vampires. Just be sure as you weed out the bad from the good to clearly see them for what they are. He/she may be a hero.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you know a vampire?


  1. Ah, I see your point. Well put. well thought out. You've convinced me. I now believe there are vampires among us.

  2. Yes, those pesky vampires are everywhere. Thanks for dropping by.



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