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Courageous-Eighth Stripling Warrior Character Trait

When the stripling warriors joined Captain Gid and the Nephite forces at Cumeni, both armies surrounded the city and made camp. Their plan was to block the Lamanites’ supplies and wait them out. The warriors and soldiers were patient yet wary for they slept with their swords in case the enemy would sneak out and attack them in the night. Ultimately this plan worked. The supplies were blocked and the Lamanites yielded up the city to Helaman.

But now Helaman had a problem on his hands. The Lamanite prisoners of war were almost as numerous as Captian Helaman and Captain Gid’s forces. Their food supply was quickly depleted and trouble was brewing. The two captains decided that Gid would take his men and escort the prisoners to Zarahemla, which would leave Helaman and his warriors vulnerable. But they really had no other choice.

Unfortunately for the stripling warriors, not long after Gid left, Helaman discovered a vast Lamanite army coming toward them. I tried to think what Helaman would say to his sons to give them courage. This is the scene I wrote in my book, The Forgotten Warrior.

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Standing before the boys, Helaman truly spoke like their father. He said, “It is true we shall face a great force.” He stopped for a moment as if searching for the right way to say something. “The Lamanites are men determined to spill our blood. They are strong and full of hate for we are descendents of Father Lehi and have chosen a different path.” Helaman clenched his teeth. His eyes became determined. “They have no pity and will show us no mercy.” He pointed to Tarik. “You, Tarik.” Then he pointed to Abraham. “And you, and all of you. We are different in this respect. We have mercy in our hearts.” His fist rested on the breastplate of his armor over his heart as he scanned the young men before him. “We hate violence, but when our people─our loved ones, our babies─are threatened, we shall fight.” He then grew quiet, his gaze purposeful. Drawing a deep breath, he continued, “We shall even kill to stand up for what we believe and for what we hold dear.
“You are boys and yet you are men. You are warriors and God will shield you because of your faith. He will sustain you. He will bless you with fearlessness and strength. You will be tireless and filled with the spirit of the Lord, who will keep you.
“There shall be a record of this day, of this battle.” He paused. The Spirit shone in his gaze as he looked at me. Tears sprang to my eyes as I humbly stared back at him. He turned to the warriors again, “It shall be written that you were firm in your conviction, undaunted in your valor. Millions of brethren will read the record of what we do this day; they will read that because of the faith your mothers’ instilled in you, we did succeed!”
A glorious shout erupted from the warriors. I stood frozen to the spot, overwhelmed by their presence, by the power of this man, who led them and by the spirit that burned within me.
“Prepare for battle,” said Helaman.
I don’t know what Helaman said to the warriors that day. But I used the scriptures as my guide for the scene. I wanted to show that the stripling warriors were probably afraid, but that their courage and faith in God would pull them through an impossible situation.

How does your faith in God give you the courage to fight Satan’s temptations?

You may never be called to fight in battle, but in the battle of everyday life how do you use courage to face your fears?

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  1. I think it's pretty courageous to fight unwaiveringly for your dreams as well- to keep writing and writing and sending manuscripts out after rejection, after rejection because you believe in yourself and your talents. I admire your courage mom!



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