Monday, March 30, 2009

Conclusion of Ten Stripling Warrior Character Traits

I started blogging about ten stripling warrior character traits you can apply to your life way back in January. Before delving in to the character traits we discussed four of the main temptations Satan has used throughout all ages: gain, power, popularity, and lusts (1Nephi 22:23). We also talked about weapons at our disposal that help us fight against these temptations: prayer, scriptures, church service, and etc.

I also gave you a very brief stripling warrior history that told how Ammon, one of the four sons of Mosiah, taught the gospel in seven Lamanite lands and converted the people. So deep was their conversion that they wanted to be known by a different name, so they became the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

We discussed the valiant bravery and courage of these people and how they promised God that they would never use their weapons again. They were so committed to our Heavenly Father that when the Lamanites sought to destroy them, they lowered their defenses, buried their weapons and prostrated themselves before their enemy. Over a thousand of them died before the Lamanites' hearts were softened.

Ammon then took the Anti-Nephi-Lehies to the land of Jershon where the Nephites could help protect them. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies were so grateful to Ammon that they took on his name and became known thereafter as the Ammonites. The Lamanites turned the full-force of their anger against the Nephites. The fighting became so horrendous that the Ammonites thought perhaps they should break their covenant with God and fight. Captain Helaman told them that he would rather lose the war than have them lose their eternal salvation. That was when the valiant young men of the Ammonites stepped forward to fight for their people and their freedom!

After this mini-history, we then focused on ten stripling warrior character traits. These warriors were healthy, smart, loyal, determined exemplary, patriotic, obedient, courageous, faithful and they had an abundance of integrity. Every week we have studied each trait.

While discussing the traits, we also talked about how the stripling warriors helped Captain Antipus and his men at the city Judea. And though many Nephite soldiers died, including Antipus, none of the stripling warriors perished. They followed Helaman to Antiparah, where the Lamanites had abandoned the city. Captain Helaman and the warriors then joined forces with Captain Gid and his Nephite soldiers and traveled to the city Cumeni. At first they took this city by merely waiting the Lamanites out and capturing their supplies. After Cumeni fell Helaman and Gid had a new problem on their hands: starvation. Food was near impossible to find. Lamanite prisoners were so desperate that unarmed many of them attacked the Nephites hoping to be killed and put out of their misery. Helaman and Gid knew this could not go on and so they decided that Gid and his army would take the Lamanite prisoners to Zarahemla. Not long after Gid left, Helaman discovered a mighty Lamanite army heading for Cumeni and his little band of stripling warriors.

Image the fear in Helaman's heart for his warrior sons. The horrific battle for Cumeni was won not only because Gid and his army returned to help, but also because the stripling warriors were emboldened by their faith in God and the mighty prophet leader Helaman. Many Nephite solders died, and yet, not a single stripling warrior was killed.

Book two of The Forgotten Warrior follows the stripling warriors as they travel on to help recapture the city Manti. There are so many more lessons to be learned by studying the stripling warriors and their story. I hope you'll read more about them in the Book of Mormon and hopefully in book two of The Forgotten Warrior when it is released.

Many people have asked why I would choose to write about these brave young men. My answer: I'm a mother, who hopes she has taught her children well. I carry a prayer in my heart that I have taught them to have faith in God.

Over the past several weeks I've given you several scripture references. Here's one more. This is at the end of Helaman's letter to Moroni. "May the Lord, our God, who has redeemed us and made us free, keep you continually in his presence." Alma 58:41

I wish the same for all of us.


  1. Woah, where did you get the picture at the top? Is that by an LDS artist- it's amazing! Yes you taught me well mom, never doubt that.



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