Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Patriotism Part Two

Monday I promised that on Wednesday I would give you a case scenario and challenge regarding patriotism that would help bring the topic closer and help us develop the Stripling Warrior character trait of patriotism.

Fictional Case Scenario:

Fredek’s father was a captain in the military. He’d served in the armed forces for nearly twenty years. When Fredek was young, he missed his father, but not like he did now. His father was deployed on a military mission to help fight in the War on Terror. Fredek didn’t even know where his father was stationed.
His dad kept in touch through email, but he wasn’t allowed to state his location. With Fredek, now a teen-ager, his mother relied on him to be the man of the house. He had to fill in for his father. Many times Fredek couldn’t go with his buddies to hang out. Many times he had to stay home with his sisters and make them supper. And many times his mother had to work late. It just wasn’t fair. Fredek’s father was supposed to come home next month, but then the government asked him to stay a while longer and he said he would. Fredek just didn’t understand why people on the other side of the world were more important to his father than his own family.

How could Fredek be more understanding of his father and his situation?
How could he show true patriotism to his little sisters? To his mother?

Possible Endings
Fredek decided he wanted to "be there" for his little sisters. He made a concerted effort to play the games they liked, fed them before Mom arrived home, and even had a plate ready for his mother when she arrived. He realized his dad was serving his country by helping others and some day, he too, wanted to be that generous.

Every time he could, Fredek complained to his mother about how unfair life was, that he never saw his friends anymore, and that his father must not love them because he was half a world away. Fredek would make sure when he had a family, he’d never ask his son to fill in for him.


Show your gratitude for your country’s servicemen. Write a thank you note to a military person and let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice for you. Supporting the troops is being patriotic.

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