Monday, February 2, 2009

Loyalty--Third Stripling Warrior Character Trait

The stripling warriors’ had a heritage of loyalty. Many of their fathers and grandfathers had made a covenant to never kill again and buried their weapons. This covenant was challenged. But these noble men were so loyal and strong in their faith and belief in their Heavenly Father that when attacked by a mighty Lamanite army they did not unearth their weapons to defend themselves, no they prostrated themselves on the ground before their enemy. The Lamanites showed no mercy and killed over one thousand before stopping.
The stripling warriors were taught faith by their mothers and, no doubt, by the memory of loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice to remain loyal. Therefore, when the Nephites needed help to win the war the stripling warriors stepped into the noble footprints of their fathers and grandfathers who were unable to fight because of the covenants they had made.

How can we show such loyalty today?

Last summer I was involved in our ward’s youth conference. The theme of our conference was “Buried Treasures.” The leaders wanted the youth to realize the treasures that were all around them and that most treasures were not of monetary value.
To accomplish this task the leaders planned a hike that would take the youth to the top of Guardsman’s Pass. There we’d buried letters from their parents and leaders addressed to each young woman and young man. Also included was a Book of Mormon for each youth with the testimony of the bishopric in the front.
As the youth hiked up the trail they came to a fork in the road with one trail going up and the other trail going down. We stopped to get a drink and catch our breath. Here the bishop asked if anyone was tired.
One of the smaller boys raised his hand, so the bishop asked an older and larger young man, to carry him. Then the bishop asked this strong, young man which trail he was going carry his companion over: the trail that went up or the trail that went down. He chose the trail going up. The bishop asked who was going to follow them. No one wanted to go up, for the trail was in the sun and a bit steep. The young man’s sister raised her hand volunteering to follow her brother. The bishop asked why she wanted to do that. I’ll never forget the answer she gave. She said “In case my brother needs my help.”

That’s loyalty!

Please feel free to share with me cases of loyalty you have seen.


  1. I love the story of that brother and sister at the YW/YM activity, so sweet! I also enjoyed the loyalty of the characters in your book, how absolute it was among the Stripling Warriors. Great examples!

  2. When the sister said that to the bishop tears welled up in my eyes. She wasn't even aware of how extraordinary her reply was. Thanks for mentioning the characters in my book. I think Syd and Tarik are loyal, too. And those Stripling Warrior were so awesome.



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