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Exemplary-Fifth Stripling Warrior Character Trait

“…Therefore you may well suppose that this little force which I brought with me, yea, those sons of mine, gave them great hopes and much joy.” Alma 56:17

Just before this scripture the Nephites, who had been fighting for the city of Judea, were tired not only physically but mentally as well. These mighty Nephite soldiers couldn’t help but wonder if this war was worth all the bloodshed.

And then here comes these boys with Helaman. Boys that were determined to win and determined to fight the good fight. The young stripling warriors’ presence energized the Nephites and gave them hope.

Hope was contagious and became the “stripling-warrior” shot in the arm that Antipus and his men needed. Do you suppose the stripling warriors knew that they were good examples?
Probably not. I’m sure they didn’t stop and think…I need to be a good example. But they were because they were living what they believed, and they put their faith in God.

The stripling warriors also had good examples to follow in their mothers. “And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it.” Alma 56:48

Not only did they have exemplary mothers, but their fathers’ lives were exemplary also. Either their fathers had died because they would not break their covenants or they refrained from breaking their covenants by not going to war. What a noble heritage!

Think of someone in your life who has been a good example to you and made you want to be a better person. I have had several. My mother for one. She would wake up cheerful most every morning. As I’d get ready for school, I could hear her singing hymns. It’s a little thing, but I remember it. I also remember how hard she would work in her church callings. There was no halfway in doing the work of the Lord. She’d go all out. Many times I’d come home from school and find people there whom Mom was helping with their family history. She didn’t just teach on Sunday, but was available when anyone needed her.
Good examples are all around you. You know them when you see them. Some, like the stripling warriors, are very young. They are people living their best lives, trying hard to serve the Lord, and who reach out to others with service.

Please share with me the good examples you have had in your life--young or old.

Case Scenario
Narkissa’s mom and dad weren’t active in church. In fact, sometimes when she was getting ready to go to her meetings her father would tell her to say a pray for him because he wasn’t going to no church. He believed he was closer to God in the mountains than in a building. Her mother was painfully shy and believed everyone in the ward was talking about her behind her back.
Many times Narkissa wondered why she went to church. She had no support from her family. They didn’t care if she went or not.
What should Narkissa do?

Possible Endings
1) Deep down, Narkissa felt the need to attend her meetings. She really liked going to church and listening to her Young Women and Sunday School teachers. It wasn’t always that way, and to be truthful, she started going to Young Women’s on activity night because opening exercises were with the Young Men. But as time went by she became more interested in the lessons. She also became more involved with the other girls’ lives, plus she believed in the Savior. She wanted to learn all she could about the gospel.
Did Narkissa have good examples in her life?
Her parents provided a home and love for her, which were good examples, but as far as helping her learn about the Savior, she turned to her Young Women and Sunday School teachers.
How was Narkissa a good example for her parents?

2) Narkissa quit going to church. She worked hard in school and had lots of friends, but something was missing in her life. Many times she thought about the teachings she’d learned when she’d attended church, but eventually she began to forget the importance of the gospel.

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