Monday, February 9, 2009

Determined-Fourth Stripling Warrior Character Trait

“Now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken; they are young, and their minds are firm, and they do put their trust in God continually.” Alma 57:27
Do you put your trust in God continually?
The mere act of the stripling warriors telling their leaders that they wanted to fight showed their trust in God and their determination. They were not going to stand back and merely watch. The stripling warriors wanted to represent their families fighting in the war. And it didn’t matter if some people thought they were too young. It didn’t matter if some believed the boys would be wiped out. They were determined to do their part.
You might think it was easy for the stripling warriors. Their fight happened so long ago. They didn’t have the worries that you do. But history is full of stories of young men and women stepping forward when needed, stories of determination.

There is an old western movie about a cattle rancher who needed to take his herd to market, but all the men were caught up in the gold rush. The boys in the area heard that the rancher needed help and that he would pay a man’s wage. These boys were very young, with the oldest being fifteen, yet they were eager…they were determined. The rancher had over fifteen hundred head of cattle that he had to move four hundred miles or he’d lose his life’s work. Despite his reservations, the rancher decided to give these determined boys a chance.
As the story goes, these boys…these cowboys came through for the rancher. And even when the rancher was killed by rustlers, the cowboys remained determined. They not only beat the bad guys, but they also delivered the herd to market for the dead rancher they had grown to love and respect.

These cowboys were lacking something very important though. They didn’t have the gospel, and they didn’t face huge Lamanite soldiers determined to kill them in battle, but what they had in common with the stripling warriors was…they were mightily determined.

Are you determined to do what you’re asked? By your leaders? By your Father in Heaven?

Case Scenario
Trevor wanted more than anything to go on a mission. He believed in the gospel and he wanted to share it with others. He took it to heart when the prophet said every young man who was able should be a missionary.
Trevor’s mom seemed to have heard only one part “who was able”. She told Trevor because of his stuttering, he could not serve a mission, besides she didn’t have the money to send him. His dad had died long ago so his mother’s income was their sole support.
Knowing he had two years to turn his situation around, Trevor decided he’d get a job. This way he could help his mom with the expenses around the house, plus he’d put some money aside for his mission. The problem was he didn’t know anyone who would hire a person who stuttered.
What could he do?

Possible Endings
1) One day as he was going to early-morning-seminary, he caught sight of the paperboy. Trevor didn’t need to talk to customers to deliver papers. Most of the time people were sound asleep when the paper was delivered. Trevor applied and got the job, but he later found that most of his checks were needed to help his mom with their living expenses. Trevor realized he couldn’t save much for his missionary fund.
Then another paper route became available. Determined in his quest to serve a mission, Trevor took the new route. Each morning as he prepared the papers to deliver, he’d read the headlines, focusing on not stuttering.
After two years, Trevor surprised his mother stating without stuttering that he’d earned enough money for his mission.

2) Trevor decided to just go to school and not worry about a mission. When he graduated from high school he got a job stocking shelves in a department store. Many times he wished he could have gone on a mission, but he guessed he was just meant to stay home.
Which ending would you choose and why?


  1. I love that you posted a picture John Wayne and the cowboys- they were definitely a determined bunch!

  2. Thanks! John Wayne was one of my movie heroes.



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